Friday, August 2, 2013

We're home. It's so funny- I've avoided driving long distances for so long, but I really enjoyed the drive up and back. We took all back roads except for 18 miles on an interstate and we went through the prettiest little darn towns you ever saw and miles and miles of pecan groves and cotton fields (yes, cotton fields) and peanut fields and we talked about everything we saw and we never once, for one second, ran out of things to say and talk about and laugh about.

I not only got to spend some good time with my daughter Jessie, I got to spend some good time with my daughter May.

We really are sort of the same person. We would break out into song at the same time at the same place in the song in the same key. We would say the same thing at the same time. Over and over. We had to pee at the same time. We got hungry at the same time. It's ridiculous. But lovely.

And now I'm home and Mr. Moon is going to grill us some steaks because I've been eating all this ridiculous vegetarian food (and god, was it delicious!) and we've picked beans and peppers and the elephant ears by the back porch have grown a foot and the night-crickets are singing loud and the mosquitoes are biting and I'm home. I am home.

It was the most wonderful trip and I'll hold the memories of it in my heart forever and I'm going back to Asheville to visit soon, I bet, now that I know I can drive or maybe I'll just make my husband drive me, whatever. I think about our walk to the Farmer's Market and the dinner out we had on my birthday and the pizza night and the tomato pie night and the shops and the hills that I am so grateful I can walk up and down without a problem and my baby girl and her sweet husband and her sweet doggie and how I had to hang maroon sheets up in the window of my bedroom so that the streetlights and morning sun didn't bust in to send me into wide-awake-crazy and the drive back through the backroads and it was all so lovely and I didn't have anxiety and it was good.

And tonight I get to sleep in my own bed with my own husband and tomorrow I get to see Owen and Gibson and on Sunday I'll see Billy and Shayla and Waylon and Maw-Maw and everyone, everyone.

Here's a video that we couldn't stop watching this week:

It is the sweetest, most charming little video I think I may ever have seen on the internet.

Sweet. Charming.

I'm home.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On!!!! You just discovered it. It still makes me laugh. Our babies are so wonderful, aren't they? The little ones and the big ones.

    XXXXXX Beth

  2. oh I love it!
    Welcome home Mary Moon!

  3. Welcome home ! Cutest video ever! Sweet Jo

  4. Sounds like beautiful trip. I just drove from MN to FL and back and although I took a lot of interstate I loved seeing the country. What a huge, beautiful, diverse country we have in land and people.

    Marcel cracked me up!

  5. I love, love, love Marcel! Thanks for sharing it. I am going to pass it on. :-)

  6. Great little movie! I love the way kids make movies. This is more charming than animated Lego Battle Droids or whatever they are, all zooming in to kill each other, like S and A spend their time on :)

  7. I drove pretty much via the interstate. Boring, boring. But once up here, we are enjoying those switch back curves. Whee haw!


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