Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Little Miracles In Every Way

I can't even believe it but I don't have shit to say tonight. It's a perfectly beautiful evening, Mr. Moon's out shooting his bow for fun and practice, I've got okra and tomatoes cooking and the grouper's thawed. I had a great time eating lunch with my babies and I'm not twisted up in body or soul or mind or heart.
Just plain all right and I wish that everyone, every damn person on this earth could have evenings like this. Plenty of good food to eat, someone you love to eat it with, a fine house to eat it in with good running water that's clean and pure and a bed to lay down on to sleep a good sleep.

Doesn't seem like so much to ask but I am quite aware of how lucky I am to have these things.

a fine and healthy grandchild or two to spend time with.

All of a sudden, out of a clear sky, the rain has commenced falling. I wouldn't have predicted that for all the money in the world. Well, the devil must be beating his wife, as we say around here, and I'm sorry for her but sure happy for us.

Peace, y'all. Just pure peace.


  1. Just lovely. And if that Gibson isn't the very definition of cherub.... What an adorable child. I love the photo of him and mr moon that you posted the other day. Such a sunny child.

  2. Angella- Oh, he can gritch when he has reason. Believe me. You should see how much he adores his grandfather these days. I am jealous! When he sees me he just keeps saying, "Boppa? Boppa?" And will he say "Mermer?" No. He will not.
    But I kiss the hell out of him anyway.

  3. It's raining here today too. A lazy day in the mountains.

  4. I'm finally back from traveling, and much less content than you :( Black dog is trotting along. I think I'll name him PMS. Missy, for short.

    Gibson looks alot like his daddy!

  5. I loved the picture of your special flower this morning and was eagerly looking forward to pictures of the boys from your outing today. Gibson is just precious. I missed seeing Owen. I'm glad you had a nice day and were given your rain. Sweet Jo

  6. I really can't believe how big Baby Gibson is getting.

  7. A moment of satisfaction is a precious thing! I'm laughing at "the Devil is beating his wife." I'm not even sure I know what that means -- is it that he's busy with her and leaving the rest of us alone?

  8. Syd- You guys NEED a laid-back day!

    SJ- Gibson does look like his daddy. Fuck Missy.

    Sweet Jo- It's raining again and Owen and I are watching it from the porch. Gibson is napping. I keep trying to take pictures of Owen and he won't have it! I'll keep trying.

    Elizabeth- I know. It's crazy.

    Steve Reed- I have no idea. None.

  9. I was just today telling my boss here in Ohio that when I was growing up in NC we called rain from a sunny sky "the devil beating his wife." He had never heard of such a thing. Ha!


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