Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh For Christ's Sake

Well, I took pictures with my phone but I can't find my little tiny chip-delivery system. Wait. Let me go look again.
Nope. Can't find it.

Okay. Bob started almost exactly at 7:30. No opening act. He's old. So was almost everyone there at the Civic Center, including us.

The stage lights came on and the band came on and so did Bob. He didn't say a word but settled in behind what to me looked like an old Farfissa keyboard. Maybe three octaves worth of keyboard on a tripod arrangement. He was wearing a black suit with a stripe down his pant's legs and a gray (maybe?) hat. Extremely pointy and shiny boots. They began to play.
I couldn't understand a damn word he sang.
He did play a few songs that brought tears to my eyes. "Just Like A Woman," and that was amazing. That I could understand.
The stage set was simple. Bob on the keyboard, a drummer, a guy who played fiddle and pedal steel and some tiny guitar thing, two other guitar players, a bass player. Done.
Bob did not pick up a guitar all evening.
He did play a bit of harmonica and he was terrific at that.
He never said one word to the audience.

Did I dance?

It took me longer to get ready to go to the concert with my grandson in the bathroom with me (Oh honey- give me that!) than it did to watch the concert. Two hours. Done.

Yes. It was Bob Fucking Dylan. But I felt like he was doing what he was doing because that's all he knows how to do. Which, of course, is plenty. He stood wide-stanced behind the Farfissa, and his shadow played with him on the curtain behind him. He groaned into the microphone and I did not get the feeling that he cared a great deal.

Oh well. It was Bob Dylan. Fucking Bob Dylan. We went out. We had dinner beforehand and drinks, too. It was a date. I wore lipstick and a bra. And earrings and a necklace and bracelets. It was a nice evening.

Was it cosmic? Oh hell no. Was it profound?
Sort of. Maybe.
Was it Bob Dylan?

Yes. Of course. Unless of course it wasn't.

Oh well. We're old. And I hope that Bob is enjoying his post-concert moments, eating yogurt and prunes or consulting with the cosmos or whatever it is that Bob does after concerts. Before the house lights came on there was a myriad of stage crew, breaking down the set and getting ready to pack it up and we all filed out, having been given some interesting chords played on a keyboard, a few excellent harmonica licks, and the chance to sing along to "Like A Rolling Stone."

There you go.

I'm going to bed. I have not been changed or healed or transfixed or transmuted or transgendered.
(I just said that last thing to see if y0u were paying attention.)

Oh Bob.
I still love you.
But do you love me?

Just as much as you ever did and you don't owe me squat.

And that's my review of the evening.


And then I went over to Kathleen's blog and read what she had to say about what happened to her today and I realize that it is not people like Bob Dylan who inspire and give my life shape and meaning these days. It is my friends and my family.

Lily apologized and apologized to me the other day because Owen needs to come here on Wednesday morning at five-thirty and she said, "Your life is not what is was two years ago and it's all upset because of my schedule!"

And I said, "Honey- whose life IS what it was two years ago and besides that, taking care of Owen IS my life."


And I wore sparkly eye shadow. And didn't wash the dishes.

So thank-you, Bob. You served your purpose in my life today.

I hope you sleep well.


  1. He hasn't picked up a guitar at a concert for a while. I think that he is arthritic and simply can't play anymore. He never was much of a guitarist. He changes all the melodies for the songs. That's fine with me. I think that Bob can't stop touring. It is the never ending tour afterall. And if he stops, well, he just might give up life. I think that it is a bit like being in the presence of some ancient artifact. It is much prized and so mysterious. I dig him.

  2. I love this review. It's very Bob Dylan, and I have to say that it's comforting to read that Bob really never changes.

    I love your sparkly eyes, too -- I never wear that sort of eyeshadow and feel like I look sort of whorish when I do, but you don't and I'm wondering if I should try it again.

  3. You sound somewhat disappointed dear Ms. Moon. I've always had a hard time understanding much of what Bob Dylan sings anyway. Has he always been the kind of performer who doesn't interact with the audience or is he just tired of it all?

  4. I keep thinking you've written my favorite post and then you go and do it again. The title alone makes it a trophy winner. Add sparkly eyeshadow? Forgettaboutit.

  5. This is the best review I've ever read of anything. I like the way you talk, Ms Moon.

    I like your eye shadow.

  6. Oh, Iso see where you're coming from. I've read far older reviews about Bob's live performances being something of a disappointment. I guess it's hard to be a living legend... so part of me is not surprised, but I'm sorry you didn't get your church.

    I was going to write about people getting older, and things not saying the same, but then I'm thinking about my Pixies post, and how that nostalgia gig exceeded all my expectations. Ah me. It's a tough one.

    Back to Bruce, maybe? Bruce is still working it.

  7. My husband has Bob Dylan moments, too. We love Bob Dylan, it dates us, ages us a sign of who we are.

    And your sparkly eye shadow covers all the gaps, Ms Moon, never mind the ageing.

  8. Well, that's Bob Dylan, non? Always has been a bit of a difficult man and an intentional cypher. I think Syd is right, that Bob, much to his dismay no doubt, is now like one of those old workhorses that are only comfortable in the harness and not sure what to do out in a wide green field or under a giant oak tree.

    He is, was and always will be one hell of a poet. Thanks for being our witness. x0 N2

  9. I love your honesty... Dylan is Dylan... and I'm not even sure he loves the music anymore, much less his audience... Glad you had a date and got to wear jewelry and sparklie eye shadow... sometimes that's all that counts...

  10. good morning Ms. Moon.
    I've been here sorta sorta... long Thanksgiving weekend.
    Will catch up properly today.

    I'm not surprised by your concert experience. I read/heard that Van Morrison is the same, worse than ever. And when interviewed says he hates his fame, doesn't want to explain his songs, etc.
    But he's still out there.

  11. MY husband and a god friend saw Bob on two different occasions spaced about 2 years apart. My husband said he was great but our friend said he was a lump. I think for awhile, he was hit or miss and now....maybe all he does is miss? I love his music. I do. But yes, he's old.

    You know, Willie Nelson is old too but his ass still rocks. I think it's what they carry inside. Maybe Bob's spirit has already shuffled off into the ether and he just doesn't know it yet. Or maybe he does...

    I'm glad you got out. Have a nice Tuesday!

  12. So I guess my Dad didn't get his shit together and get you down to the floor, huh? I should have followed up on that. I'm glad that you went out. Next time we have family time we can put some Dylan on the stereo and we'll all dance together. That will be nice.

  13. This cracked me up. I am sorry it wasn't a more thrilling show, but then again, it was Bob fucking Dylan. And so it goes.

    Love you!

  14. Syd- Perfect.

    Elizabeth- Have you ever been to that Advanced Style blog? It has inspired me to not be afraid to dress and make-up however I want. Please- who's going to think I'm a whore at this age?
    Go get some sparkly eye-shadow. Have fun with it.

    Mel's Way- No. He's always been that way. That's Bob. No patter, no chatter. Just music.

    Maggie May- And that post I read of yours this morning is one of my all-time favorites of anybody's, anywhere. You nailed that shit right to the wall. Amen.

    Bethany- You are so precious.

    Jo- And Bob is working it still in his Bob way. Gotta love him for that.

    Elisabeth- Yep. We are old and thank god, old enough to have benefited from such musicians.
    And the eyeshadow helps somehow, to remember those days.

    N2- My pleasure!

    Dianne- I think he cares as much about his audience as he ever did. He just doesn't show it the way some do. And yes, it was good to go out on a date.

    deb- And showing up is 99% of it, I would say.

    Ms. Trouble- I was thinking that probably there were people in that audience who thought it was the best concert of their lives. We each have our own experience, don't we?

    May- And THAT will be awesome. Didn't see your dad and other-mother. Were they there? In the VIP section?
    Love you, honey.

    Lisa- Oh. Definitely.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Damn right.


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