Saturday, October 16, 2010

THIS Man Is A Hero

Go ahead. Take thirteen minutes of your life to watch this and see what bravery is.
And pass it on.
Things WILL change.
Things ARE changing.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ms. Moon, thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I need a 10-minute break to empty out my Kleenex box. I will have my boys watch this. I so respect his words of not blaming the schools like a 20/20 show, but by reaching out to the teens and to parents. I really sobbed when I heard him speak of his parents' love for him.
    It will change. My kids and their friends at school represent a myriad of races and religions and they cannot fathom the laws that used to be in place, so I have to believe that soon more change. And I could go on and on about the importance of parental engagement, parental example, and parental restrictions in social media.

  2. SB raves about Ms. Moon so I paid you a visit.
    He was right.
    X David, NYC

  3. Yes. I saw this and marveled. Thanks for posting it --

  4. Did you get this from my facebook? :) I loved it.

  5. Oh wow, thank you. Sobbing. Yes, he is a hero. I loved this.

  6. This is remarkable. And what Michele R. is going to do, "I will have my boys watch this", is where real change will occur. We must all feel this in our collective hearts.

    Thank you, Ms. Moon, for sharing this and to Michele and all the parents who will watch this hero with their children.

  7. Michele R- Thank-you for watching it and thank-you for sharing it with your sons. Things can change and we can help that happen, one of us at a time. Oh yes. I believe that.

    DAVID McGRIEVEY- Thank-you so much for coming by. I like to think that Sarcastic Bastard and I share a home, somehow so we are all family together. But one small thing- Ms. Bastard-Beloved (as I call her) is a woman. I know, I was surprised at first, too. But believe me- she most definitely is.

    Elizabeth- Knocked me to my knees.

    SJ- Yes. Thank-you, dearheart.

    deb- When you have time.

    Bethany- His voice rings true, his heart beats brave.

    lulumarie- He is inspiring, isn't he? He is amazing.

  8. He is indeed. I saw his story the other night on the news. Awesome.

  9. I love this video.
    Thanks for sharing, Ms. Moon.

  10. Aw, woman! Crying at the breakfast table!
    Amazing stuff. What a man.


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