Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No, Michelle, It Was Not A Bong

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to locate something when I went to the New Age store (and I forgot to mention that they have a machine which can take a photo of your aura) and I was a bit vague about what it was I was looking for. Michelle, in the comments, asked if I was looking for a bong and no, I was not. I was looking for a GONG, which Kathleen has mentioned she would like and since it's her birthday on Friday I thought...
Well, why not?
But they had no gongs although the girl behind the counter said that they do get some in for the holidays and I couldn't help but wonder which holidays people go out and buy gongs for?
I did not ask.

So Kathleen is not getting a gong for her birthday. Maybe next year.

And this morning she and Judy and I are trotting into town to see the doctor to find out what yesterday's scans showed and thus, to get an idea of where to proceed from here. Where we're mostly proceeding, no matter what the scans say, is the new Oncology Center up in Thomasville for a second opinion and more options.
And it may be a chemo day or it may not be. We shall see.

But that's where I will be today, or at least for awhile. Now I must run to pack my camera and some magazines and try to eat something before we leave.

So- long story short- no BONG, just a GONG.
Which is sort of funny in and of itself.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I like the second opinion thing.

    peace to you today in this... you are such a good friend.


    Now I've started my day off with a huge cackling belly laugh and nothing could lift my mood like that.
    Thank you

    I'm glad for the second opinion too.


  3. I was wondering what the mysterious merchandise was that you were seeking. I too figured it must be something very interesting since it was so secretive!

    A second opinion is ALWAYS the way to go.

  4. Man, that place is going to hell in a crystal handbasket.

    Good luck to Kath today. I hope it's one of the good days.

  5. Anyway, for bongs you go to Bill's Mini Mart on Magnolia.

  6. All I could think of was, "Bang a gong" from a rock song in my past. Check your nearby Tibetan store--like they have a lot of those in Lloyd--as they will have some cool gongs.

    I am glad that Kathleen is getting a second opinion. And glad that it is at an Oncology Center. I hope that all goes well.

  7. Oh Mrs. Moon, that was so funny I think I just woke up my kid!
    Let me know what holidays they are waiting to stock those gongs for! Hilarious.....

  8. just that you now have: "bongs, gongs" as a subject is so pleasing.
    thanks for making me laugh on this weird morning.
    thinking of you all today.

  9. Chinese New Years is about the only holiday I can think of where you might be able to find gongs for sale. Although you may try a place that sells items from China at other times of the year.

  10. I know you know this but I can't not say it... Internet!

    Though it's late now to order a gong and have it shipped for Friday.

    I look forward to hearing about the second opinion.

  11. Gongs are wonderful and can send the vibrations through your body in a lovely way. Many are really expensive; even good singing bowls can cost a lot.

    Here is a link to some very reasonable singing bowls. You can listen to the sound before deciding.

  12. Not a bong and just a gong. In my yoga class they play a gong at the end -- it's quite beautiful. Then again, we have a gong at home and when my sons play it, it's decidedly NOT beautiful. One needs a bong, then, to listen to that gong.

  13. deb- It's so time.

    Michelle- I love you too. And you know it.

    Jill- I guess gongs are pretty interesting.

    Ms. Fleur- The aura machine looked dusty.

    DTG- Noted.

    Angella- Thank-you, dear woman.

    Syd- Thank-you. And yeah, we have a ton of those here in Lloyd. At the truck stop.

    Karen- It's that sort of crazy place.

    Bethany- I hope your whistler quit whistling.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Yes! Yes!

    Lucy- I know we do have those places but until you mentioned it- I wouldn't have thought of it.

    Stephanie- Yeah. Probably.

    jenclair- Singing bowls delight me. I'll check that out. Thanks.

    Elizabeth- That is just pure wise, my dear. Tee-hee.

  14. i can see you hollowing out an apple before i can see you using a bong- why i don't know but i thought that was too funny to not share.

    gongs- try an asian grocery store!


  15. Mrs. A- Well, I've seen the apple thing done but I don't think I participated. Bong? Oh yeah. My favorite make-it-yourself smoking implement was fashioned from a Tampon inserter. Works quite well. Inserter, tape and aluminum foil. The cardboard kind of inserter. Not the plastic.

  16. I've been known to do clever things with a pen and a piece of foil.

  17. Always a second opinion. Because we are just people and can make mistakes.


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