Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Now Need A Damn Manicure

It has turned out to be physical work day here. Therapy and getting-it-done, all-in-one.
My hands are blistered and cut, my yard and garden look better and Main Street is almost trash-free. Almost.

Ah. I feel better now.


  1. love.
    and it is therapy.

    those are beautiful hands ms. moon.

  2. I have blisters all over my feet from those damn shoes I had to wear in the wedding....what do you DO for blisters? Nothing?

  3. deb- The best therapy for me. And I washed those hands before I took the picture! Arghh!

    SJ- No. Nothing. Maybe bandage the blisters. Do not break them on purpose- blisters are Mother Nature's sterile bandages.

  4. I like those hands. They have been in the dirt.

  5. therapy is gardening
    gardening is therapy

  6. Okay. You think Vaseline or Neosporin is better to put on them?

  7. Syd- You got that right.

    Maggie May- Anything that gets your hands in the dirt is good for the heart.

    SJ- Neosporin can't hurt.

  8. i love that i am seeing the work of your hands! the last three days i have had my world turned upside down. i thought i lived inspite of great layers of pain. oh but there are whole new layers of agony i had never dreamed of.
    so your hands...
    appeal to me with a deep intense longing to return to the living.

    (you are so right about the lipstick)


  9. SJ- Well. I do my best. Just don't wear shoes that rub on the same spots. That's the most important thing.

    rebecca- Just...I wish it were different. Loving you.

  10. The work work of your hands, when applied to pure, productive manual labor, feeds us (or at least it feeds some of us) physically. The other work of your hands, applied to thought, philosphy, love, joy, bitterness, blessedness and SO much more...this work feeds us all, Ms. Moon. How lucky we are.
    Love, love.

  11. That does sound like healing activities.

  12. From the picture, I guessed you had come to Jesus. I guess in a way you did!


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