Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh My. What A Night. Well, Here's A Short FC Rabbath Film


  1. Thank you Mary for a bit of entertainment tonight! Crazy is as crazy the music he uses too!

  2. Very, very cool especially seeing you in it. I really liked the music too, and all done on zero budget. Impressive.

  3. play so cool ms moon..very very professional:-))

  4. I'm sure you meant Star, Syd, and she is. (These comment boxes are unforgiving...)

    You get more comfortable and more "yourself" in each of these, Mary. And this one is a new type of role. Congrats!

    x0 N2

  5. Ellen- He's really good at music.

    Mr. Shife- Thanks!

    Danielle- I sort of hate my performance in this.

    Syd- You're way too kind.

    N2- See above. But thanks.

  6. Oh DOCTOR Moon, you HAD to be acting. You would never be so callous and interrupting, looking at your watch, faking your compassion. You did an ace job portraying her though. I LOVED the opening, your beaujtiful hand writing on the legal pad, how cool is it to have that on film? You look fantastic and your voice is so amazing.

    Those two were wonderful to watch.
    Crazy is as crazy does.
    I think it's all the damn priests fault somehow.
    I think we do all go a little crazy together, or a lot, depending on how deep our pain goes.

    Great job to FCR! This was really a treat. Love the music too.


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