Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Day

Ah lah.
Some days are just meant to be blanks for us to fill in. This was one of those for me.
I had help filling in the lines. Old Frederick and his sweet, young smile and four actors and him telling us about a film that he's wanted to make since he was fourteen years old.
We even went to lunch and then I went shopping and bought Owen some new britches. Levi's. Oh yes.
And then I came home and worked in the garden and I talked to one of my very oldest friends, K., who is a muse and someone that I will always love. He is on a vacation and called me and just hearing his voice made me feel, well, worthfull.
He wanted to hear about Kathleen and I told him what I know and then I called Colin whom Freddie wants in a film but Colin has no desire to be in a film. Dammit. You'd think that a man who fell into my crotch for how-many-performances-and-rehearsals would do as I ask but no. Oh well. I guess my delta is not nearly fertile enough.
And I cooked supper and here I am and I have had some weeping.
"You're life is very full," said K,, and I agreed although I said, "I wish my friend did not have cancer."
He understood.

But, yes, here I am and as soon as the dishes are washed I can go to bed again. The air coming through the window above our bed is cool now and I can stack pillows up and grab them to me when I have a hot flash and it is ecstatic- that feeling of coolness against my body.

I saw a painted bunting at the bird feeder today. His belly was salmon, his upper body was iridescent.

And so it goes.
And so it goes.


  1. I'm sorry that Kathleen is not well... I think about her a lot and send everything good that I can her way. When she is up for it, maybe a small suare is in order? We can do it at my place if you want. I'll kick the boys out for the day...?

    I'm glad you got to talk to your friend.

  2. I hope you get some good sleep tonight, Ms. Moon.

  3. I am sorry that you had to weep today. Hopefully tomorrow your heart will be full of joy.

  4. Ms. Fleur- We will have lots of parties, I am sure. Thank you for the offer of your house. You are dear.

    Lora- I am certain I will. Thank-you, sweet mama.

    Syd- Nope. Weeping is good. I swear it is. And tomorrow will be what it is. Maybe the painted bunting will be back.

  5. i tell you...
    one moment you are penciling a perfect haiku, the next... crooning for your love daddy, not a handful of daylight later...flirting with the silver screen. girl there is no keeping you down on the farm!

    cheering you on from bed where i am engulfed in agonizing pain.


  6. rebecca- Would that I could take some of that pain away. You know I would. Oh darling...

  7. Your words take all kinds of pain away. Thanks again for sharing your life with us.

  8. Have you ever heard that joke or was it a skit where a woman grabbed her pillow during a hot flash and Teddie Pendergrast's face was on it, crooning in that amazing voice about the cool side?

    So funny.

    I hope there's some laughing with the weeping, and if not, weep on.

  9. I just love feeling the cool breezes when I'm tucked into bed at night. Heavenly!

  10. That was a day filled with life. You are so good at that. xo

  11. always and forever i will wish we were neighbors

    wv: aemend


  12. Sandra- I hope that is true. You have no idea how much I hope that.

    Elizabeth- No. I have never seen nor heard that. I have to tell you that Teddy would be the last thing on my mind during a hot-flash. Or, frankly, any time. But the thought makes me laugh, so thank-you, sweet woman.

    Angie M- Me too! We sleep with the window above our head open every night of the year. Sometimes Mr. Moon has to wear a cap to bed. We're so cute.

    Lisa- Well. Things just happen, don't they?

    Michelle- Amen, amen, amen to that.

  13. I saw a painted bunting on Cumberland Island once and thought I'ld seen a mirage. They are absolutely beautiful. What with weeping and laughing, your life sounds very full. I know you know this but it is hard to take sometimes all at once.

  14. Scott- I wish I knew who you were. Yes. The painted bunting males are like tiny miracles that appear and then fly away, leaving us breathless.


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