Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Partied Down And Were Uplifted

Man, I could have taken so many pictures last night but I didn't. I was too busy eating.
You could not believe all the food that showed up here.
Well, okay, there were lots of people who showed up WITH the food. It was sort of amazing. There was everything from collards and pinto beans and cornbread to a Malaysian pasta dish and an Indian pot of garbanzos. And more, more, more. Quiche, salad, shrimp dip. You name it. It was here.
Beer, wine, and martinis.
And beautiful faces.

People kept showing up and and all four of my kids were here and Owen walked around eating spicy noodles and blowing his breath out -ha!ha!- when he hit a pepper. He liked it. He helped Kathleen open her presents. He was far more comfortable than at his own birthday.

I think Kathleen had a good time. She sure was beautiful.

Colin showed up late. He'd been to a party at his dermatologist's house who had played some sort of precious violin for a group of people. I know. That story sounds crazy but there you have it. He wanted to check out Vergil. Colin is pretty sure that no one is good enough for Jessie Moon but I think he approved of him.

You can tell that Jessie approves of Colin.

So it was a good, good party. Even Freddie and his darling girlfriend, Maria, came out, but unfortunately after everyone had gone home except for a few of us. He had read my blog from yesterday and he laughed at me for begging his forgiveness for cheating on him. He forgave me. He did finally get to meet May and she and I did our Mother-Daughter Natasha act. She forgot her collard greens though, when she left. That makes me sad.

And then we all went to bed under the full moon in the old house in Lloyd, Mr. Moon and I, Hank and Jessie and Vergil.

Everyone is up now and Hank is staying here while Mr. Moon and I go to Roseland. In theory, we are leaving. In fact, there is laundry going because I might need some of those clothes that were in the laundry hamper. Hank has enough food for a month. Lucky boy. The whole house to himself and delicious foods, too.

When I woke up this morning I did not have my usual woe-is-me attitude, my sharp anxiety which I usually have before I take off to leave my home, my family. Nope. I feel pretty good, as if last night's love has washed my soul clean for this morning, at least.

I just talked to Kathleen and she is on her way to St. Marks Wildlife Refuge for the monarch butterfly gathering. She sounds so happy. And that makes me so happy.

Yeah. So happy.
We came together last night, friends and family, we celebrated Kathleen, we celebrated our community of friendship and love. We ate, we drank, we talked, we hugged, we gifted, we ARE gifted, with each other.

And now- off to the south!
I will be posting from there, I am quite sure.
And won't you be happy to see new places?
I will.

Damn. I wish that laundry would hurry up. I better go find a suitcase.

See y'all soon.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. oh, wonderful every bit of it.
    i'm jealous of all the leftovers. everything sounds so tasty and fun.
    so happy you are feeling fine this morning, washed clean and ready for your adventure.
    happy birthday to dear kathleen.
    happy trip to you.
    yes, can't wait to see new things through you!

  2. What a wonderful night. Kathleen looks beautiful. She is an inspiration.

    Bon Voyage

  3. Such a fine celebration! All that good food sounded so many good friends to wish Kathleen a wonderful birthday. She looked so happy in the photos you shared...looking forward to hearing about your new destination for some R & R.

  4. The food was incredible! I had to have seconds of too many things... and then the homemade carrot cake and EVEN home made dark chocolate ice cream. uhg!

    I think my waistband has expanded 2 sizes.

    It was great to see everyone. I had nice chats with lots of people and met and chatted with some new ones. A lovely gathering. And Kathleen really was radiant.

    You outdid yourself. Thanks for having us.


  5. You make me want to become a southerner. Bless you

  6. you look about 30 years old in that do you do it???

  7. again i have been away. i miss you. and everyone. but the mountain of details that stand between me and this coming friday when i take my group to san miguel...
    so here are my hopes for your safe travel and hearts filled!!!

    we will all have stories to tell.
    i love you mrs. moon.

  8. You Ate, you Drank, you made Merry and it was Good!
    Now go have that holiday, you deserve it! x0 N2

  9. It sounds like a lovely time you had... It's good to celebrate the gifts of life... and friends and family are among the greatest of all...

  10. Wonderful. Glad that Katleen had a good time as did everyone. Have a good trip.

  11. That photo of you and Kathleen is a stunner. I love it.

    Glad the party was such fun. I knew it would be.

    Hank is a good man to watch over things for you.

    I love y'all.

  12. Ms Moon! I've been missing you. I hate not being able to visit you every day. But when I finally get on, at least there is lots of loveliness to catch up on. Like this post.


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