Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're Going To A Party

I know. Call Ripley's.


  1. You look gorgeous! :)Hope you have fun at your party.

  2. You look beautiful -- that film guy is lucky to have you as one of his stars! What does Mr. Moon think of that film bunch?

  3. Nicol- Thank-you. Somehow I feel compelled to take my picture every time I put o make-up. Because it's so rare an event?

    Elizabeth- Mr. Moon finds it highly entertaining that I'm doing this and he knows it makes me happy so...he's good with it. He's such a good guy. And besides- this film bunch is not your typical acting crowd. At all. I mean, there is acting talk that goes on, but let's face it- this is North Florida, not Hollywood. And we know it.


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