Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's A Good Day

The miners in Chile are being reborn, coming back into the light.
The whole world trembles at the joy of that very real miracle.

And here at home, Mr. Moon came home from the woods with flowers for me. The deer were safe and the bear didn't eat him.

And then he sat with Owen for a moment and got a kiss and read a book and well, my heart is happy.


  1. Baby kisses are the best!

    Who painted that redhead?

  2. my heart is happy today too,

    I talked to my little nephew on the phone last night and am carrying his sweet voice around in my heart .
    He's in gr one ? How did this happen.

  3. Good day Ms. Moon! An Owen day for you and your honey...

    Flowers...what a man.

  4. Beautiful flowers, beautiful boys, beautiful day. Thanks for the smile.

  5. I sure do have a sweet man as my daddy, and a cute O-boy for a nephew.

  6. So nice. Glad that you got kisses and flowers.

  7. Sometimes the expression "it's all good" is perfect.

  8. That picture of Owen and Daddy should be blown up and put on the wall. So precious.

  9. Stephanie- A woman I know. A long time ago.

    deb- That will be Owen in two heartbeats.

    Ellen- I'm mighty lucky.

    Leslie- Whose wouldn't?

    DTG- He's getting pretty free with them too.

    Mel- You're welcome!

    HoneyLuna- And they have a sweet YOU!

    Syd- It's a good combination.

    Elizabeth- Sometimes it is.

    May- I agree.

  10. Moments like that are simply perfect.

  11. The deer were safe - does that mean he didn't catch anything?
    That kiss is too cute.

  12. Your sweet boys and your wild flowers put some Awww! into my morning. Keeses. N2

  13. I love that photo and the chick that took it!


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