Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Dishwasher's Tears

Maggie May did some links yesterday and I went to this one

and was caught up and thrown down and came up wanting more.

You might too.
Just saying.


  1. Well, I'm all busted up.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    I really like it here. Hope you don't mind if I poke around some.

    I liked you in your film debut. That boy filmmaker is up to something, huh?

    Glad you had fun at your party.



  2. Lisa- I think so.

    Tearful- Make yourself at home. Poke and plunder all you like. Don't stand on ceremony. Etc.

  3. I've been following him a bit of late -- really amazing stuff.

  4. AW damn, I don't have tiiiimme.

    But... a boy blogger, eh?


  5. All so very interesting. those cookies look so delicious just love peanut butter cookies. Love to stop by and get my religion on!

  6. Jo- I think in this case we may safely call him a MAN blogger. And his wife and dog have gorgeous blogs as well.

    Anonymous- Cookies, religion. Whatever. Always welcome.

  7. i checked him out before you even posted this, from his comment, i could tell i was going to love his writing/mind. but damn, i feel like Jo, no time! ugh. thanks to you and maggie may though. you've brought me tons of new ideas and friends and fun. so grateful.


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