Monday, October 18, 2010

If You Follow All The Links You Could Be Here All Day

Good morning. Here are my chickens, waiting to come outside. Every one of my tiny flock. Here- let me tell you their names. From the left: Daffodil, Miss Bob, Shalayla, Elvis, Miss Dolly, Miss Mable. I have no idea why some of the chickens have a "Miss" before their names but they do. This is the south. We are weird. I haven't got much to say this morning. If I said anything, it would be all blah-blah-blah. Stuff you've heard before a million times.

I walk to the kitchen and my flip-flops say slap, slap, slap.
See what I'm saying?

And pictures- you've seen pictures of everything in and around my house. Almost. But here you go- here's a picture of my side porch where Owen used to let me rock him to sleep.

Not any more. He refuses to nap at my house. If I hold him on the porch swing, he pushes off and gets down and runs around and rearranges the shells and pretends to water the plants and brings me fistfuls of spider webs.
Then I have to give him a bath.
Which isn't so bad, really. In fact, it's fun. Why nap when you can get really dirty and then take a bath in Grandmother's big tub?

I have cuter pictures but this is the only one that doesn't show his pee-pee. I am a respectful Grandmother! I don't want him to hate me when he is fourteen and the idea that his pee-pee was on the internet when he was a baby makes him cringe.
(It's a really cute pee-pee.)

It was almost twenty-six years ago today that Mr. Moon and I decided to get married. Not quite. Our anniversary is a week from today and four days before the day we got married, we were on our way to the plumbing supply store and I was drunk on ovulation hormones, DRUNK, I tell you, and he was building me a bathroom! and we were going to go buy plumbing supplies and I said, "Let's get married!"
We were already engaged.
"When?" he asked me. I wonder what he was wearing. Maybe jeans and that flannel shirt.
"Thursday!" I said. We were leaving on Thursday afternoon to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee for some business and also, perhaps for me to meet my old drunk daddy (who was not yet dead then) for the first time since I was five years old. That would make a perfect honeymoon, right?
And so it was.
In four days we planned a tiny wedding and it was perfect and we left that evening to go to Tennessee and we met my daddy and his crazy wife and we stayed in a beautiful place on Lookout Mountain called the Chanticleer Inn and I had great dizzying moments of awareness that I had made the right decision in marrying Mr. Moon.
A week from today he and I will be in Roseland to celebrate that event and I am looking forward to that with all my heart. We will watch the sunset every night from a dock that flows over the river that I loved as a child and love still.
It will look just like this:

We will have adventures! I am excited.

But before then, it's going to be a week. Kathleen is getting tests and scans to see what the chemo and radiation have done and on Wednesday she and Judy and I will go sit in the doctor's depressing-ass office and hear what he has to say.
And Friday is Kathleen's birthday and we are having a party here to celebrate her.
I need to run errands in town to get ready. I need to do all the things I do here which you have all heard about a million times.
Slap, slap, slap.

Well, here's a picture of my kitchen porch. With Mermaid. The kitchen door is the door everyone comes in. Of course. Well, politicians knock on the front door. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses know to come in the kitchen door. Not that I let them in.

That's for the best because if I did let them in and made them sit down in my kitchen and told them what I thought they would not like it one bit. Not one.
Slap, slap, slap.

All right. One more picture.

That is the place where I dump my weeds that I've pulled up. They have taken root without so much as a kind thought from me and tower over my head now.
This could be a metaphor.
Or not.

Happy Monday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Beautiful photos. Adorable grandson! Happy (early) Anniversary!

  2. "A lady only enters through her front door three times in her life, and she is carried all three times."

  3. I'm finally catching up on all your posts and as usual, you do not disappoint. I love seeing pictures of your house because it reminds me of my own grandmother's house, especially the tub! Oh and the chickens always make me smile. Happy Monday to you too!

  4. What a chicken coop, lights even!
    Beautiful boy in tub.
    Gorgeous Roseland ~ I'm so happy you and Mr. Moon are going there for your anniversary.
    It's a blah-slap kind of a day, but a good one!

  5. I like the story of how you and Mr. Moon decided to get married. I've not been drunk on ovulation hormones, thankfully. But I understand the urge to do things because they feel right. They just simply feel right. Indecision is not my problem.

  6. Loved the photos and the stories. I could gaze at the lone palm and sunset for hours. I have some slap-slapping of my own to do here, the dirt and clutter are winning...
    will follow the links another time, glad you're excited about the anniversary, October is our month too, we got married because I got a burr up my butt about it that summer. Best decision I ever made too.
    That grandson is a gift, thanks for sharing him with us. I wouldn't sleep at your house either, too much magic to miss!

  7. Happy Monday, love! There is nothing like a good poor swing. I dig yours. They say rocking motions help the depressed. Did you know that? I believe it.


  8. love your slap slap slap.
    we love reading your flip flop talk, silly goose. but i know how you feel. great photos. great talk. love the story of you and the mister. glad you're going somewhere beautiful to celebrate, well for you of course, but also because we usually get to come too!

  9. Love that fancy lighting in the hen house. We all deserve a little sparkle.

  10. A Happy Anniversary to you, dear Ms. Moon! Love and hugs and best wishes for many, many more.

  11. ah..what a beautiful story..very know i love the south..i m very southern in my heart you know:-)so how could i not love you and all your wonderfull stories???

  12. Happy Monday. Here's something different: I was married, once, to a boy from Chattanooga, and his daddy was a federal magistrate. I wonder if he knew your daddy. My ex lived on Signal Mountain.

  13. I think that might be the best let's-get-married story I ever heard!

  14. Ha, the weed metaphor is good. And it could mean two things :)

  15. So glad you and the Mister are going away to celebrate and to such a lovely, peaceful spot. Kisses to you both. N2

  16. Rebecca- Thank-you, sweetie.

    DTG- Oh. So very true.

    Lois- Where did your grandmother live?

    lulumarie- Yes. A dreaming day. I good one.

    Syd- Well, I feel sure that hormones have played some role in your life, even if they were not of the ovulation sort. I wish I were more decisive.

    Mel- October What? I would HOPE that you would sleep at my house. Nothing makes me happier than having guests who report good and deep sleep.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I do believe it. I have done some rocking in my life. Oh yes I have.

    Bethany- Of course I will take you all with me! And won't a vacation be a nice change for us all?

    Lisa- Indeed we do.

    Angie M- That would be so nice. But I am just boggling that we've had 25 already!

    Danielle- When you are ready to visit the south again, here we are.

    Elizabeth- I have no doubt they did. Small damn world, isn't it?
    Have you been to Chattanooga? I thin it is one of the friendliest towns in the world.

    Angella Lister- Well. Hormones. What can you say? Sometimes they do steer you in the right direction.
    Thanks for coming by. Please come visit often. We are a very nice little village here.

    Jo- At least two things.

    N2- It's going to be very fine.

  17. What a good idea to get married in four days. Cuts out all the crap. Once you decide, you're sure anyway. Ah so romantic.

  18. Happy almost your anniversary.

    how wonderful to have the getaway to look forward to .
    even if the weeds keep coming.

  19. Mwa- Exactly! And yet it was a beautiful little wedding. And reception.

    deb- I feel it is needed.


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