Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bedtime Again

Oh my and oh me and Grandmother is tired again.
But that's okay because it's time for bed and Mr. Moon is home and Lily and Jason and Owen are asleep and Jessie's taking her shower and soon- me too, me too.

It was a good day and here's a picture for you:

Yes. That is Jessie in a wedding gown at least two sizes too small trying not to rip the sides out at the Goodwill holiday/book/movie/record/evening gown/wedding dress boutique.
Do you have one of those?
We do.
Have you ever tried on wedding gowns for fun?
I haven't. But my kids sure do like to do it. Well, not Hank.
We did not buy the wedding dress although I am SO glad I got this picture. She looked like a weird game-animated princess or something. It was hysterical.
I was speechless when I saw her float down the hallway but my hands reached immediately for the camera and thank god I had it.

Anyway, time for bed. Oh? Did I mention that already?
Our soup was good, the bread was too.

Our sleepy boy in the kitchen with his mother and Aunt Jessie, the fairy bride.

Lily has to leave at five-forty in the morning and I will slip into bed with Owen. Wish me luck that he doesn't wake up.

And if I don't get around blog world much tomorrow, it'll be because that boy is running this old woman ragged.
And it'll be great.

Ms. Moon


  1. Sweet night. And Jesse looks like one of those ballerinas in a jewelry box.

  2. I was thinking Jewelry Box Ballerina too. Too sweet. Glad you got the photo.

    And Mrs Moon, what do you suggest for a raging night-time cough?

  3. Jessie is a vision...

    I think it's really hysterical that you are now calling Owen "boy". Remember when I'd call Harley that and you were concerned about me? Tee hee! It just happens doesn't it?

    Our boy went to Urgent care tonight for some foreign object in his eye. Of course he was fine, but when the boy starts screaming out of nowhere because his eye hurts, I guess ya gotta go... sigh.

    Have fun tomorrow.

  4. oh my god that photo is incredible!!!!

  5. What sweet dreams you will have, even in the early morning aside your beautiful grandson.

    Ballerinas dance through your dreams.

  6. I remember going to the bridal store with my best friend, where we both pretended to be engaged, so we could try on the gowns. It was so much fun!
    Sorry I've been AWOL. My life is getting away from me these days.

  7. Mmm sleep. Yes.

    I have five children here just now, and somehow it's easier. If you want to run around less, you should convince Waylon to come too!

  8. That looks like a Miss Scarlet dress with the 21 inch waist. Hope that Jessie didn't faint. Did you have to lace her up? I am glad for baggy jeans and a flannel shirt. That's about all I wear now that I'm retired. Nice.

  9. I would KILL for Jessie's tiny little waist.

    If her young man sees that photo, she might scare the fuck out of him. Laugh.

  10. Love Jessie as the windup bride and the picture of the Sweet Sisters and their sleepy boy on your back porch.
    Sigh. Keeses to all Y'All. N2

  11. Dye her hair white and put some pale foundation on and she could be Anne Hathaway's double in Alice In Wonderland. The hands have it.

  12. I LOVE that pic of Jessie and the exact way you described it! So right on! She's a doll! What gorgeous and wonderful children you have.


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