Thursday, November 1, 2018

Yet Another Wonky Day In The Land Of Lloyd

I woke up this morning already exhausted due to the fact that it took me forever to get to sleep last night due to leg pain which is what happens these days when I walk. So anyway, I got up and then the heater guy came and corrected the situation which is good because it's supposed to get down to something like 45 tomorrow which is Arctic for us. And of course he repeated the same thing he always says when he comes to fix this damn thing which is, "I just don't understand. I've had this same unit for twenty years and never had a problem."

See that picture there at the top? That's tiny arugula popping up through the dirt. It's the fourth day after being planted on Sunday. Some of the kale varieties are too and I expect the collards to be making their appearance any moment. This all warms my heart and I tried so hard this year to plant properly so that my rows won't be too crowded with seedlings that I need to pull and don't have the heart for.

So last night I dropped my phone which I do not have in a case and I didn't notice until later that the back glass had cracked all to crap which is why I spent a good part of today trying to figure out what to do about that. First I went to Verizon because they hold our contracts and they said that yes, I could get it replaced, the entire phone that is, for a mere $149 deductible and I asked how much it would probably cost to get the glass repaired and they said about that much, most likely.
So I went to the place where we usually go to get our phones fixed and they said they don't replace back glass and sent me to another place where they said they don't repair it either and that the phone would need replacing so here I am with my brochure on how to order another one and there you go.

I went to Publix where I did my usual thing which was to look for items which were right in front of me and after that I dropped in at Jessie's where I read August a book. Levon was asleep and I was vastly disappointed because he is really starting to walk and I wanted to see that with my own grandmother eyes and tell him how very proud I am of him. But it soothed me to see August and his mama and to sit down on the couch and read a book to that boy. The book I read is one that I checked out from the Monticello library and have in my car because I need to return it and it is just charming.

Also, it is very southern. August loved it and when I was finished he asked if there were more books about Bubba and I just looked that up and there are! Hmmm....

Then back home where I fell asleep on my bed and when I woke up it was time to have a little visit with Gibson and Maggie because Owen and Jason were going to go practice target shooting at a friend's property and Lily was working.
Yes. Target shooting. I will absolutely NOT deny that we are very Bubba and Beau-ish around here. We just are. But we're also liberal Democrat tree-hugging NRA-hating pagan heathens too, so there is that. 
Most of us, anyway. 

So Maggie and Gibson and I played the matching game and it was Maggie's first time. She did very well and kept saying, "My turn in a minute?" and I would agree that yes, it was her turn in a minute. There were also rather unceasing snacks and toy-playing. 
The usual, although Maggie did not mention her babies once which is unusual for her. 
Gibson asked when they could come spend the night again and I told him that I wasn't quite ready for that and he said that he would help me get ready and also, that Boppy would help. 
"Boppy's a good man," he assured me in his wisest six-year old tone. 
I agreed that his Boppy certainly is a good man and I am glad that Gibson recognizes this fact. 
Here's Boppy kissing Maggie when the menfolk (please know I use that word with irony) got home from the woods. 

I think that both she and Owen are starting to look so much like their mama and in turn, their mama looks so much like Mr. Moon's sister. Those Moon genes are STRONG! Gibson seems to take more after his daddy's side of the family although it must be said that Maggie's eyebrow definitely comes from her father. 
My darling little Frida. 
And I would say for sure that her curls come from Jason's mama but then again- where did August get his curls? 
It's all so mysterious. 

It's raining and like I said, tomorrow is supposed to get much cooler and that will be different. I may let Dearie and the chicks have the run of the big coop tomorrow. We shall see about that. Gibson says that all of the new chicks are to be named "Dearie Jr." which would definitely make things easier. 

Y'all are all so sweet to tell me to go get a tetanus shot. I wish I hadn't mentioned it because of course I have no intention of doing that. If I die, I die and you can all wail and gnash your teeth and say, "I TOLD HER TO GET A SHOT!" or alternately, "Stupid bitch."

Whatever. And who knows? I may change my mind. But let's not discuss it anymore, okay? 

I'm going to go make a meatloaf. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. ok well, then, when Lockjaw sets in know that it is probably too late. Winter here over night, as usual right after Halloween, the winds come the temperature drops and the sun will not be seen again for five months...and that sucks.In your first paragraph I misunderstood that the heater man was there to fix your leg, and I thought what a clever fix-it man he must be!

  2. sorry....have to say it again. Just go get a tetanus shot. It's WAY easier than going to the dentist. Please. And your grands stun me every time. I have always thought Magnolia was a perfect image of Lily...... but Gibson....looks (to me) like his Dad. And I'm envious that your arugula is peeping through on day 4. We continue to be unseasonably warm/hot here in thought of starting a winter garden in this heat of 80-90 degrees every single day. I'm so *over it* I can't tell you. I want to put on 3 layers of clothes and start a fire in the woodstove......... not sure that will EVER happen
    Susan M

  3. I scratched my foot pretty good on a rusty patio chair a few months back. I probably should have gotten a tetanus shot. I did not and I'm still here. Gail

  4. I've heard that tetanus gets into deep puncture wounds that don't bleed. That doesn't sound like what you've got. Once the cut is aerated it doesn't live. Now you've said you're not getting one, I'll just say that.

    Do epsom salt baths help your post-walk legs, at all?

    I think it's amazing the seeds start to grow so very fast. Magic.

    1. Thank you, Jo. Yeah, these were definitely just scratches.
      I haven't tried the epson salts bath. This may sound crazy but I haven't taken baths in a long, long time. I do shower! But when I went anxiety-insane some years back I spent hours in the tub trying to control it and since then, taking baths makes me anxious.
      Sort of like when you're pregnant and all you want to eat is tacos and then when you're not pregnant anymore you don't want to look at a taco? Maybe?
      Sometimes I do use a heating pad and that helps.
      Seeds ARE magic. Like chickens and eggs. I believe it.

    2. I know you shower! Didn't know about the anti-bath thing, though, sadly, that makes sense. I know you take magnesium already, it's just this way is meant to be a good way to absorb it. Maybe a foot bath?

  5. I love being along for you day with those lovely people you are blessed to call family.

  6. What on earth is "back glass"? Is that the same as the glass screen? I once got the screen replaced on my iPhone and it was about ten years ago but as I recall it cost something like $100. Still, better than throwing out the whole phone.

    I love the idea of naming all the chicks Dearie Jr. I once read a story about a guy in Philadelphia who named all of his children -- even the girls -- after himself. Kind of reminds me of that.

    1. Oh, OK, I looked up "back glass." I had no idea that the back of some phones is glass. The things you learn! There are articles online about how to replace it, but I don't know if you want to go down that road...

    2. Your teachers must have loved you as a student. LN

    3. Well, the glass is cracked all the way to what I'm calling "the bone." And the guy at one place told me that they tried to replace one like that once and just could not. That the glue they use is beyond beyond. Whatever that means. I think I get it. I'm pretty sure that I'll be getting a refurb phone and they'll use mine to refurb for someone else. Probably.
      Anyway, I'm getting a damn case.

  7. so the phone doesn't work with the back glass cracked? unless that's the case, just get a case for it and carry on. husband dropped his brand new phone after just a few months and cracked the front glass. he still uses it. and target shooting is fun. no guns here but I think about going to a range now and then and popping off a few. I used to shoot skeet on the beach with my dad when I was a kid.

    1. Well, I've thought about doing exactly that- just putting a case on it and getting on with life but like I said in reply to Steve, it's cracked all the way down to where the phone part starts. Does that make sense?
      Yeah. Target shooting can be fun. I haven't done it since I was a kid but it's a sport in and of itself.

  8. I wouldn't get a tetanus shot for scratches on my arm either, so nurses in solidarity:)

    I hope enjoy the cool weather. Unrelenting heat is difficult, or so I would imagine. It's snowing here, again. This time I thinks it's here to stay though. We were supposed to drive to Jasper today but it took us an hour to get 30 km and we just decided that it wasn't worth it. Jasper is 380km from here and it was only for one night anyway. So now I'm sitting at the computer, looking out the window as the snow falls. It's lovely.

    1. Snow falling on Lily Cedar...
      Sort of like the title of a book.
      Yeah. Nurses are the worst, aren't we?
      It's getting cooler here by the hour right now and it's sort of lovely. Now if it gets cold (or my definition of cold) I'll be bitching. Trust me.

  9. I am late to the smart phone world and got my first one a few months ago, and right away I bought a real leather case for it. My son has the same case and has dropped his phone onto cement and it wasn't damaged. I like the name Boppy, it makes me smile. I used to target shoot years ago and enjoyed it.


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