Friday, November 2, 2018

Hold My Hand

Look closely at those mushrooms. As Jessie said today when she saw them, "You could practice catheterization on those things." They are a type of stinkhorn mushrooms, perhaps of the variety phallus impudicus and I am not making that up.
And yes, they do stink and so between their appearance and odor, they are simply very, very rude fungi.

Okay. Biology lesson over for the day.

Jessie came out this morning and brought her boys. I proudly showed August the clean range hood. He looked up at it and said nothing. I asked, "So. What do you think?"
"Pretty good," he said, and went and started playing with something.
This is exactly how I expected it would go.

We decided to go to Monticello. I had to return those library books and we love that library. We read some books and Levon pulled all of the baby board books off the shelves but he would not walk for me. He is not really saying "ma-ma" or "da-da" yet but he can say what we think is "food" because it sounds like "foo" and when he says it, he makes the sign language symbol for "more."
Boy likes his grub.
One of the things I like most about this library is that the guy I think is the head librarian looks far more like a football linebacker than what one would imagine a librarian looks like. He's rather huge. He introduced himself to us today. I can't remember what his name is. Which is the way it goes for me.
Anyway, after we read some books and played a little bit we went and had lunch. Of course that was fun. It always is. Who doesn't love to eat?

August asked about one million questions, all starting with "why?" my favorite being, "Why you like me to come see you?" 

So. I ordered my new phone today. Of course it was a major pain in the ass, mainly because my physical address was somehow not believable as a valid place to deliver a phone to. I get my mail at a P.O. Box at the post office but I most certainly do have a physical address. I finally had to give them Jessie's address which means she'll have to be home to sign for it and I feel terrible about that but she was kind and said it was okay. 

The rest of the day I've just done little chores, house-wifey stuff, and worked on Levon's monkey doll. His birthday is in a week. 

And you may have noticed that I'm not really discussing politics these days or the insanity of our, well, you know- that guy who lives in the White House. In fact, my posts seem to reflect an almost halcyon life with babies and children and loved ones and chicks and a garden and delicious lunches and so on and so forth and yes, I do report those things truthfully. 
Still, I am struggling, as I imagine most of us are. The events occurring in our country daily can't help but create an almost tangible blanket of fear and worry and anger and anxiety which cover us all. Throw in whatever life is handing us on its own and these are hard times and I just want to reassure everyone that you are not alone if you are feeling any and/or all of the emotions which are perfectly natural and reasonable to be feeling right now if you are even halfway sane. 
They're always there, those feelings, but I can't dwell on how they affect me. 
Not tonight, at least. 
Meanwhile, just know we are all in this strange and fearful place and yet, we go on, living our lives as best we can. Somedays, better than others. 
And I think it is good to try and focus, if we can, on that which is good and which is kind and which is true. 
Yesterday, when I was leaving a computer repair shop, a young man sitting on a couch waiting his turn for service jumped up to open the door for me. He literally leapt off the sofa to open the door for an old woman and he had absolutely no need to do that but someone had given him good home training and I said, "Thank you, sir!" and I won't be forgetting that. 
Yes, it does imply that I'm a bit feeble, which I am not, but it also implied respect and caring. And perhaps most importantly, that I registered on his radar as a fellow human being. 
He saw me. 
Let's please try to let each other know that we see each other. And that respect and caring are not perhaps required, but are so very much important. 

That's what the sunset looked like tonight. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am even more polite driving- more than I have ever been, the ugliness of the RUMP and kin have given me a case of the opposites...kindness and generosity- like it is supposed to be. With those babies in your brain, nothing else will do.

  2. I saw a bumper sticker the other day which said," In a world where you can choose to be anything, BE Kind." I think that is my mantra for getting through the world these days. Your grand boys are so cute together and that sunset is marvelous. Happy weekend.

  3. You multiply the good. Our world needs that. Thank you.

  4. me too Mary. I am totally aware of the continuing shit show but I can't dwell on it or focus on it as my stress response these days is irregular heartbeat and I've finally been able to have a whole week of a steady beat after several of not and I really don't want to start taking meds for it. in fact I plan to ignore the whole thing on Tuesday and not give it one moment of attention. I'll just wait and get the good or bad news on Wednesday. in the meantime I have art to make and finish, a dog and a cat to care for, and friends to love.

  5. Exactly. Work in the yard, try to get email under control, plan dinner, rinse and repeat. But underneath I’m just tied in knots, spinning endlessly in a pool of anxiety/hope/fear. It helps to know you and others feel the same. It helps to focus on your infinitely sweet family. So, THANK YOU for being a sane, bright spot in my life.

  6. It’s such a simple act, standing and opening a door. It’s the smallest things like that give me hope that all is not lost.

  7. Such a stunning and magnificent sunset to cheer a wounded soul. Thank you. LN

  8. "Pretty good"! Ha! August doesn't realize how much work went into that rage hood! Love the door-holding story. My mom always said she got to a certain age and began to feel invisible -- so I know just what you mean about being seen.

    1. (Not that I am equating you in any way with my mother! LOL)

  9. I love your account of the young man going out of his way to hold the door for you. People can be so sweet and even small acts like that lift the spirit. -Kate

  10. Today after I voted I stopped at a convenience store. I watched 8 people in a row hold the door for the next customer. It made my heart sing.


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