Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I Do Love A Good Broom And My Cat

I woke up this morning with even more of the melancholy. I had dreamed that I needed to cook collard greens and other assorted foods for a Thanksgiving dinner and was in some industrial kitchen where I could not find a pot that even had a flat bottom among the assortment of age-caked and warped iron cookware.
And the weather did not help. Raining still and chilly and gray as can be. It is so wet here that you can't believe it. Towels never dry and a little plaster casting of August's feet when he was a baby crumbled and fell from the wall where it hung like a sugar cookie that had been dunked too many times in a cup of milk. I haven't been able to take a walk in over a week and I'm sure that has something to do with my low spirits too.

I decided to go to town, maybe hit a thrift store and go to Joanne's to look for a pattern and material to make something for Maggie but I texted Jessie to see if I could help her. I knew was getting packed up to go to Orlando where Vergil's working to stay with him for a few days with the boys because he's in an awesome hotel suite and why pass up an opportunity like that? A visit to Lego Land is being planned and I do believe that Vergil's more excited about that than August is. Anyway, she texted back that it would be great if I came over to help and I knew it would be good to see those boys before they left.
Levon is really starting to feel extremely comfortable with me and when he sees me, he crawls to me and asks to be picked up and he seems very happy in my arms. August was glad to see me too and he told me they were going to go see Daddy and I told him that I was very excited about that. He showed me his stitches and he said that it did not hurt when he got them and we played some while Jessie tried to make some sense of packing for two little boys and herself which basically required putting everything they own into bags including a lot of food
We ate up some of the leftovers from the party on Sunday for our lunch and that was fun and August was being a little bit of a typical three-year old and did not want to go to the potty and did not want to do almost anything his mother asked him to do and he told me that I was a stinker and laughed and laughed.
We read books and played while Jessie finished up and then I told them goodbye and Levon stood on the couch and waved and waved and he laughed too.

I did go to the thrift store but the only thing I found was a linen dress and as I was standing in line to buy it the guy behind the cash register was having a very profound conversation with another customer about guns. He was describing the Glock something-something that his wife is getting for Christmas and how they went shopping the other day for a certain kind of holster that she can wear when she runs in the park and I went and put the dress back and left.
Fuck that shit.
The music was terrible there too. A mix of Christmas songs and some other trashy stuff and I decided that if I could go back in time I would try to find whoever it was who first decided that it was vocally cool to make her voice go all Mariah Carey with fifty trilling, warbling notes where one would do the trick nicely and if I found that person I would just say NO! and slap her hard and then come back to my own time and see if that had worked. I might also try and find whoever started the whole potpourri thing and try the same trick with them. Man, I was so wrong about that trend. When it started I said, "Well, this won't last."
Bowls of perfumed flower petals and wood shavings are still to be found everywhere and I hate each and every one of them I come across.

So you can see what sort of mood I was in and to tell you the truth, I still am. In that sort of mood.
I went to Publix AGAIN because not only was I out of sweet pickle relish but I just realized last night that Thanksgiving is actually next week and I needed to get a turkey to put in the refrigerator so that it will thaw by the time I need to roast it. Also, the cranberries and an orange to make cranberry orange relish.
I do love a good relish.
Frankly, I wish that all Thanksgiving involved was turkey, dressing, and cranberries. That is plenty.
Okay, okay. Maybe some collard greens.
And gravy.
And that is ALL!

Gibson informed me yesterday that he's never eaten apple pie. How is this possible? Perhaps I will make one of those for Thanksgiving too.

One of the things the boys did that made me laugh yesterday was to tell me jokes.
"What do call a witch at Christmas?"
"A Chris-witch." Yeah, I don't really get that.
"What do you call a witch at the beach?"
"A sand-witch."
"What do you call a witch at Halloween?"
"A witch."

So I made up a joke.
"What do you call a witch on a bad day at home?"
And then I reassured them that I was only saying that because I was a mom and that it had nothing to do with their mom. I'm not sure they even got the joke.

All right. I'll take my bad mood and go put the lasagna together and stick in the oven.
And I know I've posted this video at least twice before. If you don't like it, complain to the management. What are they gonna do? Fire me?
I think not.
Sometimes you just need some nasty music. This would be one of those times for me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mashed potatoes!
    And all those trills and frills that are added into songs make me cringe. Except for Aaron Neville, I can listen to him trill and frill anytime. 'Tell it like it is.'

    1. Oh my god, Dianne! Yes! Aaron can get away with it any day in my book. And I would never, ever slap that beautiful man.

  2. I don't even know what those people are doing in that video, that's how long it has been ...I recognize the rain, it is here full blast, but I don[t mine (thinking of california), Kids jokes are hilarious mostly because they are not. Gotta love 'em. Your mood sounds about right too, and bully for you taking that dress back after that lame assed conversation about a damned Glock. Washington state just voted to alter gun laws up here, stricter, locks and ammo put elsewhere, common sense stuff...

    1. Haha! I don't really ever mind the rain either but if you're already in one of those moods it can just make it that much more profound.
      I absolutely just could not take that conversation. The guy was such a wimpy looking guy. I wanted to ask him if his wife's penis was bigger than his but of course that would be rude.


    1. Oh, Aaron!
      And did you know about this?

  4. Jiminy, you are in a bad mood! I would have done exactly the same thing at the thrift store and I whole-heartedly agree about the screechy, trilly notes and also support the right of Aaron Neville to do what ever he wants with his amazing voice. So now I am going to listen to Aaron to bring my day to a nice close.

    1. Yeah. Maybe it's sexist but Aaron can get away with it.

  5. I woke up last night around 2 AM in a cold sweat because I realized Thanksgiving was next week. Holy shit, who consulted us? Not that I'm cooking for anyone but myself, but jesus. I am eagerly looking forward to January 1st because then all this horseshit is behind us. Bah Humbug! We've finally begun practicing Christmas music in choir and I'm over it already. (Mom, you have a bad attitude toward Christmas, Jonah told me this afternoon). He's not wrong. We walked into Target the day before Halloween and Christmas decorations were already out and I (apparently) shouted "Fuck this shit!" much to his horror, but really--BAH HUMBUG.

    1. "...(apparently) shouted 'Fuck this shit!'"
      My kids know the shame too. I was in Costco once with Lily and the Christmas shit was up way early and she said, "Mama, just keep on walking."

  6. I have been in a foul mood myself for what seems like days. Maybe even a lifetime? I took myself to Dr. Jin to see whether she could fix me up. I laughed and laughed at this post, though, and the video/song gave me the vapors. Especially Charlie Watts. Swoon.

    1. P.S. We so desperately need rain. Send it here.

    2. Charlie is a beautiful man, isn't he?
      I would send you SO MUCH rain if I could.
      I'm glad you went to see Dr. Jin. I wish I had a Dr. Jin.

  7. So sorry to hear of your melancholy, but had to smile at your Dream, because I too had some very weirdo Dreams accompanied by strange melancholy lately, mine involved battling with my HOA of all things, which made it more of a Nightmare than a Dream really. *LOL* I think the turbulence in the World has upset the balance of Positive Energy, there is just so much Negativity and it is toxic. My Hope is that I can come back to Center and feel more Positive Energy so I can spread it around in my small sphere of influence, that's all any of us can do... small things with great Love. Virtual hugs.

    1. Small things with love. I agree, Bohemian.
      And I have to say that if I had to deal with an HOA it would be a real nightmare.

  8. Better feel better for Thanksgiving! I have a feeling that people in the UK will celebrate the holiday this year.....celebrate the fact that Donald is ours and not theirs!

    I always have to have Yorkshire Pudding for Thanksgiving, especially with the Princess having a husband from England.

    I don't talk to people if they talk about protecting their families by buying even MORE guns. Really? How many do you need?

    1. You have the real Mr. YP for Thanksgiving at your home? In person?
      I want pictures.
      I don't know how many guns people think they need. One for home, one for the car, one for jogging, one for work, one for shopping? Maybe?
      What ass wipes.

  9. Reading about you waiting in line listening I was thinking, I bet she'll leave and yeah!
    There you go, the power of your blog.

    Legoland is fabulous. I was ten when we first visited (the original one in Billund, Denmark) and it was simply amazing, I even got to drive around in a small Lego car, frantically observing the rules of the road and getting a Lego driver's licence. The last time I've been my daughter was ten years old. We spent the day and would have stayed the night if it had been possible. There was a large room dedicated to parents who wanted to play with Lego in peace while the kids roamed Lego countries and drove Lego cars and climbed on Lego rocks and travel to the moon in Lego rockets and whatever.
    I'd love to go again.

    1. Vergil has been wanting to go to Legoland since he was a little boy and his mother got to go to Denmark and visit the original one. I don't think he's ever gotten over it. I hope this will help heal his soul!
      I wanted to tell you that I am finally reading a Helen Dunmore book ("Mourning Ruby") and am enjoying it so much. Thank you for that author recommendation. I will read more by her!

  10. I love your posts. My trip to the thrift store was more fruitful than yours: NO gun talk, and I scored TWO leather jackets! (I need two, because my daughter will undoubtedly appropriate one, she's good at that.) And 5 mugs to replace the ones I'm always breaking. Jenny

  11. The holidays are coming up. They are always something to navigate. For me anyway. And I suspect for you. Hence the moods. I hope the melancholy passes/ has already passed.

  12. I am with you on the Mariah Carey vocalizing. Even from Mariah Carey! Dave and I talk about that often -- how singers now have a distorted idea of what singing is supposed to sound like because of all that sliding-up-and-down-the-scale BS. (Boy, do I sound like an old codger.)

    Who needs a glock to go running? People are being made needlessly paranoid by media's (and the president's) continual emphasis on crime.

    1. Oh, and I haven't seen a bowl of potpourri in ages. Maybe it's just not a thing in England. Or maybe I just don't notice them anymore.


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