Sunday, November 11, 2018

It Was Lovely

Levon's birthday party was sweet as can be. I have some pictures, some taken by me, some by Rachel, some by Lily. And I think I'll mostly just post them in lieu of saying much. I seem to have a case of the melancholy for no apparent reason but even as I admit that, I will say that I love my family so much and that they are everything.

Big and Little Boppies.

August adores Owen. Levon too. He gladly let Owen carry him around although I have no pictures of that. 

Rachel and Vergil and Birthday Boy.

Aunt May with Levon. 

Vergil's awesome fire.

Cooking. Everyone has their own technique. Can you see Hank rubbing my shoulders for me? 

Lily trading cuddles for a book. 


And a boy blew out his candle. 

May all his wishes come true. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your family is easy to love. Happy first birthday lucky boy Levon.

  2. Ah, a year in. What's to come? Happy Birthday, Levon <3

  3. I saw this and loved it. I thought you might enjoy it. Just imagine those little black birds as chicks.

  4. pure heaven, this post. Sigh..............
    susan m

  5. Happy birthday dear Levon!

  6. Sometimes photo essays work better than our words. You have a lovely family.

  7. All the photos are gorgeous, but that top one stopped me in my tracks...and the one of Lily and August reading and snuggling. Happy Birthday, precious Levon!

  8. You have an incredible family. Thank you for sharing them with us. And happy birthday to Levon!

  9. I love the fire. On top of the old stump like that. Are the cement blocks there to keep babies at a safe distance?

  10. Terrific pictures! I especially like the one of the fire circle and the candlelight portraits. Hope those blues subside. I kind of have them too.

  11. I have missed you and your blog so much. Life got in the way. I hope to catch up soon. I love your family and all the good and hopeful things they are in this world. xxoo

  12. I have to say your posts make me miss the times when my grands were little. and that Owen looks so much like his mom.

  13. I have this melancholia as well. It lurks just beneath the surface always sadly. Babies help though and I'm guessing chickens:)

    Sending hugs.

  14. Such sweetness and communion, and yes, I love that pic with Hank rubbing your shoulders. I love all the pictures, every one.

  15. The end of babyhood, the year's birthday, a year already as Joanne notes--moments that will not come again exactly this way--cause enough for melancholy along with the immense sweetness. I hope the melancholy has lifted this morning and left you the sweet.


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