Wednesday, November 7, 2018

And Now The Rest Of The Story

Katydid exploring my MacBook. 

I'm feeling a little better this evening. For one thing, there's a possibility that they'll have to do a recount in our governor's race as supposedly there are many uncounted provisional and absentee ballots uncounted as of now. It's tricky and of course I remember the damn Bush/Gore debacle and how that played out.
Let's just say I ain't getting my hopes up but the fat lady hasn't sung just quite yet.
Same thing is going on with the Florida senate race between Bill Nelson (Democrat) and (P)rick Scott (Republican) and you can only imagine how I feel about that. Scott has screwed Florida every which way he could already and now he's hoping to continue, playing with the big boys in Washington.

Did you see or hear Trump at that press conference today?
Think maybe he's scared?
He should be.
And that made me feel a little better too.
Not that I especially like seeing the president of my country act like a petulant bully in need of a good time-out and a nap, but I sure do enjoy hearing desperation in his voice.
He told Jim Acosta, "You are a rude, terrible person!"
Projection much?

I met Jessie and Levon and August at the library today and that was good. I walked around holding Levon and showing him books and telling him how wonderful libraries are, pointing out how delicious they smell.
"Libraries are the best places," I told him.
I do not think he disagreed.

And then of course we went to Costco.

Samples were eaten, the coldy-room was survived, the two-hundred dollar box of huge crab legs was exclaimed about once again, and fun was had. 
I bought the things I usually buy at Costco. Cheese and cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and pecans. Tito's vodka. 
I also bought this. 

I'm not even sure why except that possibly I'm tired of saying I don't know shit and for $13.99 I will have the opportunity to learn at least a little of the shit. Even the Big Shit!

Plus, it's short and the print is big and I am a typical American and want to know the secrets of the universe in the quickest, easiest way possible. 

So. I'll let you know if I learn anything and if I don't, there's something very wrong with me. I mean, I didn't even know that time travel was an option. It may actually not be but it was nice of Hawking to clear that up. I've already received the spoiler alert that no, there is no god, but I can't wait to read his take on it. 

Mr. Moon is home from work and he told me about his day which involved so much Real Stuff that it would have taken me months to accomplish what he did and that would imply that I could, in this lifetime, do what he does. I suppose theoretically this is a possibility but in reality, not so much. I went to Costco and called to make an appointment with my gynecologist in order to get my hormone prescription filled and that just wore me the fuck out. I had to take a nap. 

It's November the 7th, 2018 and I have my air conditioner on and the toenail that I partially ripped when I almost fell out of my bathtub because my overall strap hardware had gotten caught on my toe a few months ago finally fell off today when August stepped on it while we were in Costco and I made Levon laugh a lot. 

I'm still here. 

I'm glad you are too. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Just stopping by from Ellen Abbotts blog and find your grands are delightful. I almost remember when mine were that age.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Tabor! My grands are delightful. I relish the young years. I have older ones too.

  2. can't imagine anything Stephen Hawking wrote would be *brief*......but maybe? Love the Katydid! Such a perfect being. And....probable recount in Florida and Georgia both gives me a niggle of hope......but not holding my breath.
    Susan M

    1. Not holding my breath either. But you know Florida- we do love a recount!
      I'll let you know about the brief Stephen Hawking book.

  3. Trump is so empty that he can only feel good about himself by tearing down others. he is the epitome of rude and terrible, a man who constantly accuses others of his own behavior. I need to go to Costco. perhaps I'll know shit too.

    1. Yes. You, too, Ellen, CAN KNOW SHIT!
      We should all read the book and then we'll ALL KNOW SHIT!
      You're completely right about Trump.

  4. I think what many of us in Florida are feeling is something akin to PTSD. It brought back so many of the same feelings from 2016. I can't believe Florida would let Prick Scott screw us over again, especially in a state so vulnerable to climate change, according to Prick, no such thing. Guess toxic algae blooms were ok too. I'm afraid to hope.


    1. Red Tide Rick rides the Red Wave.
      Or maybe not. We shall see. He's such a dick.
      I'm afraid to hope too.

  5. We have had a glimmer of hope in WI with the election of Tony Evers as governor. Snotty Scotty Walker will soon be gone. I hope Trump is scared. I despise and loathe him.Costco gift card and I'm ridiculously excited about it. It's almost a 2-hour trip to the nearest one; I'm taking my cooler and a big list. And now another mass shooting in CA, shitshitshit. Maybe we should move to Wales with John Gray.

    1. Maybe we should move to Wales with dear John Gray but then Wales would not be what it is and I doubt they'd appreciate that!
      Have big fun at Costco. It's always amusing.

    2. Thanks. I'm so looking forward to it.

  6. Wow, so katydids look like leaves! I don't think I've ever seen that so clearly before in a photo. No katydids around here, by the way.

    I too find that going one place in a day pretty much means the rest of the day is toast. Even if the place I went is just to town and if all I did there was one errand, not the usual seven. I'm going to start taking a supplement later this month that may impact my energy level. We shall see. Fingers crossed.

    As always, we Canucks are watching the politics in the States with interest. I'm so sick of DT getting so much coverage, though, gotta say. What a disgusting person, and so obviously a deluded liar. How so many voters can support him and his party is beyond my ken.

    Another shooting. The world is an incomprehensible place sometimes.


    1. If DT hadn't gotten so much damn coverage he wouldn't be the president now. So, in a way, I am a bit pissed with the media too. They gave him a microphone and he used the shit out of it.
      The world IS an incomprehensible place. For me, at least. I'm just trying to wiggle my way through it, under the radar.
      I hope your supplement works. Let us know if it does.

  7. Libraries are the best places, I agree.
    Reading about your toe nail gave me the shivers, I hope you don't have too much pain.
    I am trying to understand US politics and fail as usual.

    Are these cucumbers August is holding and if so, why are they wrapped in plastic for crying out loud!

    1. Don't feel bad- Americans don't understand US politics either.
      My toenail did not hurt much at all when it came off. It's been a process, shedding it, and sometimes I have to admit it did hurt a lot. But it's gone now and all is well.
      And of course those cucumbers are wrapped in plastic. This is AMERICA where we are SANITARY in all regards.
      And we don't even think twice about the fact that we're killing our planet.
      I'm sorry.

  8. We saw Steven H- in Seattle one evening when he was all about worm holes- he made it totally understandable and feasible with his Swedish (at the time) robot voice. We came away with "sure, why not"...Ouch for your toe!
    plastic around cukes- weird- condom comes to mind- I have seen women shopping for cukes with that in mind.

    1. Every time I buy those cucumbers and peel the plastic off I think of condoms. Were the women you saw who were buying cucumbers looking for big ones? Just curious.

  9. Hearing Trump tell Jim Acosta he is rude and terrible just...well...makes me laugh. I mean, seriously.

    That story about your toenail makes me wince, even though I used to lose them regularly back when I was a runner.


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