Monday, November 5, 2018

Trying So Hard To Believe

Levon shoe-shopping.

I woke up this morning convinced that I was going to have to send my new phone back and get another one but when I talked to the very last tech person before getting sent to the Warranty Department, she figured it out for me. I was not manipulating my headset properly for the bluetooth on the phone to find it and all the while I was doing what she said I was being all uppity and shit saying, "Look, I KNOW how to use this headset. I've been using it for months." 
And then...TADA! 
Headset recognized and paired. 
All is well. 
I thanked that young woman over and over again. "You solved my problem!" I told her. "Thank you so much!"
"You're welcome," she said. "I'm glad I could help." She said this with such sincerity and humbleness that it made me feel sort of like the shit I was but then again, I'm human. 

And then I did something I haven't done in a very long time. Yonks, as the Brits might say. 
I went to the mall. 
August was being a pill according to his mother, a normal, naughty three-year old although I know that's hard to believe.
August? Naughty?
Yes. He can be. Especially for his mother because he knows she will not kill him. This is why children are always the most ill-behaved around their mamas. Everyone else, they're not so sure about but when it comes to mothers, they can be pretty certain that she won't murder them and make another just like them. 
That sounds terrible. 
But it's sort of true. 
Anyway, Jessie wanted to look for some running shoes and she figured that August could get some ya-ya's out walking the mall and I thought, well, why not? I'll go too. And actually, it was pretty fun, mostly because August was having such a good time, taking in all of the sights and sounds and so I got to see it through his eyes and that made it not so bad. 

No one had the shoes we were looking for and all Jessie ended up buying were some clothes for the kids. Isn't that the way of it? We even ate lunch in the food court and I can't remember the last time I did that. But you know, it didn't kill me and it was interesting, watching all of the different people in real life, mothers and daddies and grandparents and babies and just regular people with no children involved and people with locs and people with cowboy hats and people with swagger and people with style and people with time on their hands and people walking with great determination. 
And so forth. 
August wanted to ride the escalator and so we did. I mean- how can you not enjoy something that makes a child so happy? 
Levon took it all in with his wise little baby eyes and ate from his mother's lap with a plastic fork and flung bourbon chicken in all of the cardinal directions and wanted more. 

I bought a phone case which I had promised Mr. Moon that I would do. I've just been a jerk about that although he most sweetly did not point that out when I showed him what I'd done to the glass on my phone. So. My phone is protected front, back, and sides and I've done my job. 

And right now Andrew Gillum is doing his job. He's giving his last speech before the election right down the road in Monticello at my beloved Opera House where I've been in so many plays with so many people I love. It fills my heart to see him in that room which is absolutely packed with Blue Dog Democrats of every race and age who are cheering for him. If If I hadn't loved him before, I'd love him right now for choosing that rural, tiny venue for his last event. 
Oh, how I want to believe he'll be our next governor! 

"It's gonna start. Tomorrow," he just said. 
"Let's bring it home, y'all," he's saying. "Let's bring it home."

Meanwhile, here I am in Lloyd with my chickens and my cats. It's gotten warm again and it smells funky out there, like living dirt and fallen leaves. 
Dearie is in her little coop for the night with her babies. 

I love how some of them climb all over her while others tuck under her wings. 
They're growing up and before we know it, she'll sense somehow in her bones that her job is done and she'll walk away from them and act as if she's never seen them before. 
But the mothering she is doing now will have prepared them for that moment. 
I find this incredibly comforting and a sort of brilliance on the part of evolution and what we call Mother Nature, I guess.

Anyway, she makes them feel safe and wherever she is, is home for now. 

Let's bring it home. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sweet pictures of Dearie and her chicks. I hate the trauma of getting a new phone. My smart phone is 6 years old and I dread having to replace it some day.

  2. those chicks are getting huge so quickly! And...glad your new phone is operational and *sheltered* from harm! I cannot wait to go vote tomorrow morning here in Ca. and am watching your Gov. race closely. May Mr Gillum prevail with a more gentle and kind watch over your state
    Susan M

  3. From Andrew Gillums lips to Gods ears, as the saying goes. I feel conflicted about the whole affair. One day i’m sure the democrats will prevail, the next day i’m not so sure. Isn’t that the way?
    The chickens are growing so big! We can’t have them here in town or i’d Have a few.
    Your glowing report on the books you read to the grandchildren had me ordering A Fairy Went A-Marketing. It is wonderful! I love the beautiful graphics. My three year old granddaughter will love this! So, thank you!

  4. oh how I dislike this zone...hope...fearing the Thursday we should know something. and either we can roll up our sleeves and begin to mend or we can sink into further despair. Anyway, grand trip to the mall! I enjoyed that!

  5. I'm voting first thing in the morning, and then I'm going to do my best to not think about the election any more tomorrow. I'm lucky I have lots of other things to distract myself with at the moment. I'm going to try to wait until Wednesday morning to see what happens.

  6. I can't believe how quickly those chicks have grown and they're on top of her! Poor mama.

    We take Katie to the mall every other weekend; she loves to people watch.

  7. I so hope you are right about the blue wave...I've never enjoyed going to the mall much but your adventures always sound fun.

  8. Here we are. Election day. My it unfold for the greater good, by which I mean may the blue wave be a freakin tsunami. One can hope. And also, why is food court bourbon chicken always so yummy. What's up with that? You have such cute grands.

  9. I do so hope we bring it home all over the country but I am studiously avoiding all election shit today. just tell me when it's over. yes, mothers won't kill their children although sometimes they go crazy and do but fortunately that's rare. it's very warm and muggy here too. I won't say hot because I reserve that for mid-80s on up.

  10. I am reading your lovely post while listening to how people in Georgia are standing in line in many precincts for hours and hours because the voting machines are not working. Can you guess what color skin the majority of the people in line have? This is really disgusting!

    Know what? I don't know if you are kind of laid back in the winter in your neck of the woods or not. But, if you are, I want you to write a children's book about Dearie and her chicks and their struggle with the wind and storm and critters and, yes, how they will soon move away from their mother. I think your writing skills would make such a story just grand!! Wanta' give it a go?

  11. I'm glad you got the phone sorted out. And yes, let's bring it home! I'm so ready for this election to be over, and I don't even live in the thick of it. I can't imagine how everyone in the states must be feeling. I love the pics of Dearie and her chicks. I particularly like the little blond one in the first picture, peeking over Dearie's shoulder against the wall.


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