Sunday, November 18, 2018

More Adventures

There they are, the Hartmann Three! They came over with their mama and roommate Lauren today. We decided to get together and go have lunch at the Hilltop. It was such a perfectly gorgeous day and you can eat outside there.
The Hartmann's had never been to the Hilltop.
"What do they have?" asked Owen.
"Name a food," I said.
"Uh...not sure."
Turns about they have Krab. In a salad. Krab salad, in fact.
That place is crazy. I did not get a chicken salad today. I got barbecue. And fried okra. I could not possibly have eaten it all.
Gibson got a corn dog of almost inappropriate length. The children were amazed.
Since we were the only people eating at the time the kids could run around like crazy after they finished their lunches. Tag was played. There was much screaming and laughter.
When we got back to my house Maggie played with her dolls, putting them to sleep and then getting on the couch to go to sleep herself. Her mother and I kissed her good-night and covered her with a blanket. Later, I asked her if she wanted me to rock her. She came and got in my arms and I cradled her and rocked her and she said, "Sing Rock-A-Bye, Baby. Do it!"
I did it. She pretended to fall asleep.
The boys were rather wild and when Lily sent them outside they got an old piece of bamboo about fifteen feet long and hit it on a tree until it was of a sizable length to take home.
After they left I had to take a nap. They are off of school for nine days and Lily is already pretty sure she's not going to make it.
That does seem like a rather long Thanksgiving vacation.

So that was today. I also ordered a bathing suit online. I can't tell you how many bathing suits I have now. And there is something wrong with every one of them.
There's nothing wrong with any of them. It's me and my body I am so upset with.
That could be an entire book in and of itself.
But I have to have a bathing suit for Cozumel. I mean- I spend half the time there in the water. I remember the last time we were there and I was snorkeling on our last day and began to cry. Underwater. I cried underwater. I was still crying when I got out and the woman who cleans the rooms had to put her arms around me and reassure me that I would be coming back. That it was okay.
I'm starting to cry a little bit right now, just thinking about it.

Mr. Moon is home. He is unpacking and doing laundry and I need to go make us some soup. Thanksgiving will be here in four days. I checked my thawing turkey in the garage refrigerator today and "thawing" is hypothetical. Why does this always happen?

Well, I've never served a frozen turkey yet and I've been doing this for about forty years now.
Forty fucking years.
Can you believe that?

How did I get so old so fast?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've been doing it for over 40 fucking years too. Feeling pretty old lately. I know exactly what you mean about bathing suits, have a few new ones that all have something wonky in the fit. In the meantime my old one has stretched to the point of certain wardrobe malfunction. Nine days! Poor Lily.

    1. Isn't it funny how we can all relate to certain things?
      Bathing suits.
      Children being out of school for extended periods of time...
      And feeling old. Oh my god.

  2. You and me both! Just yesterday it was that I turned 30 and figured I must be an adult. But that was more than 30 years ago now. I guess the good thing is that I still don't feel like an adult. And I sure see the youngster in you as well. However these bodies seem to age faster than we are prepared for them to do.

    1. Looking in the mirror or seeing a picture of myself just FREAKS ME OUT! I swear, I almost feel as if this is just a phase and that one day soon I will wake up and look like the woman I have always looked like.
      Denial, denial, denial.
      It ain't working any more.

  3. had a dear lifelong friend visiting this last week...... she lamented the fact that when she bent over to pet our cat, she saw skin *sort of wrinkly and hanging* off her arm.....and her immediate thought was *who's arm IS this*?'s mine....... we laughed and laughed...... aging arms, bodies, skin....bathing suits? You probably rock in a bathing suit, I'm sure (whether you think so or not). Glad Mr Moon home and all is well
    Susan M

    1. Oh, I SO do NOT rock in a bathing suit. And that skin thing? Happened to me years ago in yoga class. It sure hasn't gotten better since then.
      I'm glad Mr. Moon is home too.

  4. Thanksgiving, the contemplating of it, is stressful. I’ve decided I’m going to make the dishes that are mine to make the day before and in the day if I’m going to chill and not worry about anything even if we do have two new people joining us this year. Two sophisticated people. I will try not to fall into the trap of feeling I must impress them. You grandchildren are wonderful and Maggie is a queen. And I do know what boy play is like so Lily has my sympathies. It doesn’t ever really change either. At least my boy.

    1. I think you have the exact right perfect attitude towards Thanksgiving. And what the hell are SOPHISTICATED people? You live in New York City! You write for a living! YOU are the sophisticated one. And don't forget it! Okay?
      Boy play. Why must it be so destructive and loud? And yes, you are right- it never really changes. Whenever all the guys get together to do something there's always so much hooting and yelling and quite often, the shooting of something into a target. Why is this?

  5. Please forgive typos! I’m on my phone. Love.

  6. OOof, bathing suits. I've got a dozen in different styles and sizes. Reminded me of the one Iordered this summer, a swim dress. Thought it might cover more. It swirls out on my behind and makes it look even bigger besides the fact that a swim 'dress' is just wierd. Guess Ill be getting yet another next summer.

    1. You're right- a swim "dress" is just weird. And why must bathing suits have more structured and formidable bras in them than I ever wear? Give me a fucking break. If I could get away with it I think I'd just swim in a pair of men's underwear and a tank top. Or naked. The way I was intended to swim.

  7. I need a swimsuit, my old reliable provider has changed they way they make them and they're just awful; like being Saran-wrapped. The elastic on my old suit is giving up the ghost. So far, online shopping is not revealing much.

    1. Do I recall correctly that you ordered one online a few months ago - was it from Sweden? Anyway, it did not have bra cups, which we all dislike. Who was that vendor? I'm actually getting somewhat desperate.

    2. Oh god. If I did, I don't remember it. Wait. Wait. I think I do. But it turned out to suck. It's such a vague memory at this point. But hey! I remember my bathing suit from when I was fifteen. How in hell does that happen?

  8. Why bother with a new bathing suit? Personally, I prefer to see women in leopard print thongs. You can order one here:-

    1. Trust me, Mr. P. You would pay good money NOT to see me in a thong. And what in hell are you doing, looking up leopard print thongs online? Does Mrs. P. know you are involved in this sort of nefarious activity? I think NOT!

  9. It sneaky sneaks up on you seems like anyway. And what's with the whole wrinkly skin thing. I have to close my eyes in yoga. My current bathing attire that I haven't worn since summer of 2017 is a tanking with mis-matched top and bottoms because the didn't have the matching bottoms in my size. I'm thinking about taking the bra thing out as that's the hardest part of getting into the damn thing.

  10. My favorite bathing "suit" is a print rash guard (also sun guard) shirt over a comfy stretch bra, and a tankini bottom. A rash guard is a long sleeved t-shirt. I got mine from Land's end. Only downside is there's a lot of wetness to the top if there's a cold wind.

    I agree that naked is sooo much better.

  11. NINE DAYS?! That's a crazy-long Thanksgiving vacation. We only have two days off. Don't they get two weeks around Christmas, too?

    I haven't worn a bathing suit in years. On the very rare occasion that I swim, I just wear shorts. But of course I know it's different for women. Unless you're French.


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