Thursday, November 8, 2018

And So It Goes, Once Again

Gosh. What a boring day for me. I had my teeth cleaned. And they're fine. Perfectly fine.

So. Okay.

Love...Ms. Moon


Haha! Fooled you.

Not really. It was about that boring but I didn't care. I went by an appliance place. Mr. Moon keeps telling me to pick out a refrigerator but I don't know where to begin. I think they're all crap these days. The appliance place was getting ready for some event tonight. An event at an appliance place? Yes. I also noted as I drove into town that there was an event happening at the waste management facility.
I am not kidding.
There were big flashing signs directing people where to enter and where the buses should go.
I have NO idea what that was about.
But they were expecting buses. 

So I let the chicks and Dearie out of the coop today. The littles just kept escaping and then they couldn't get back in and I couldn't figure out where they were getting out. As fast as I find places they've dug under the wire to squeeze their little bodies through and patched them up, they do it somewhere else. Dearie was frantic as they peeped and scratched their way around the coop. I mean, they've actually worn a little path around the coop. And Dearie couldn't protect the ones outside because she couldn't get out through the little spaces that the babies could escape through so I finally just opened the doors and said, "Y'all be careful."
And when I just went to shut them up, there were ten little chicks nestled up and under and around Mama.
Now I know I'm going to lose some. That's all there is to it. I haven't seen any of the feral cats lately but that doesn't mean they aren't around. And hawks are always around. And owls.
I'm between a rock and a hard place here. Mr. Moon could, I suppose, dig down and sink wire farther into the ground because the chicks just keep digging it out but he doesn't have time to do that.
But knock wood, they all survived today and whenever I'd go out to check on them they'd run like little cartoon chicks with their stretched-out dinosaur legs for the hen house, peeping as loud as they could. They have smarts but they sure don't have much in the way of of self-protection.

So guess what tomorrow is?
How can this be? That child was born twenty-five minutes ago. The midwife is still in the driveway!
His party is on Sunday but I hope to see him tomorrow. He's such a precious little guy and he's starting to know how much I love him, I think. I haven't finished his monkey but I will.

I can't talk about the California shooting right now. What is there to say? Nothing's going to change unless gun laws change and then it's going to take some time after that. I did engage with some NRA supporter on FB and I don't even know why although I have to say that she was incredibly polite, even if she has drunk the Kool Aid.
We are a nation drunk on guns and violence.
What are we so damn afraid of?

Personally, I'm afraid of young white men with guns. And of course, our so-called president.
And about ten thousand other things including doctors, dentists, lab tests, telephone calls, people wearing faux lab coats behind cosmetic counters, crowds, parties, and disappointing anyone I love.
But guns would not help me with any of those.

Guess what? I think there IS going to be a recount of the ballots for our governor's race.

I need to go make supper.

Let's talk tomorrow, okay?

Love (for real)...Ms. Moon


  1. Well! I think you’re right on all counts. Our little town has a parade through town, with fire trucks and police cars, when ever one of our school teams makes it to the finals. (Is that a fire? No, the cheerleading squad took first!)
    And yes, Levon was born just twenty-five minutes ago. Those are Grandmother minutes, the most sacred in all the kingdom!

  2. crossing my fingers for the recount


  3. Yes, I saw a recount is likely. How wonderful, even if the outcome is still the same, it is good and there is always a chance that it Gillum could prevail.

    Now FB. The best thing I ever did for my state of mind was to quit FB. No matter what filters I put up, things that upset me or angered me or made me incredibly sad and about which I COULD DO NOTHING kept popping up. I am much happier and much more productive without FB. I still read the news and stay informed, but FB, with the possible exception of seeing your family, is 95% worthless crap. The world would be a far better place without FB. My 2 cents.

  4. I agree with you, and Wilma. and I have fingers and toes crossed for the recounts...Happy Birthday Levon!

  5. Rick Scott is losing his lead over Bill Nelson, so OF COURSE the Repubs are claiming fraudulent votes. They're doing it in AZ, too. Their desire is to throw out 600,000 votes from the areas that support the democratic candidate. Perfidy and malfeasance!
    We bought a frig in May, and were pretty dang shocked at how much they cost.

  6. if ever there was a poster child for having guns taken away from a man, the California shooter was it. he'd already had a stand-off with the police after shooting his gun in his mother's house and totally trashing the place. took the police about 6 hours to talk him out. and then the mental health people found he wasn't a danger for committing violence? holy fucking cow. this country is so broke. I do not understand either why Americans are so afraid that they must arm themselves to the teeth.
    and no, that boy cannot be one year old.
    as for FB, it's how I stay connected with the larger art glass community.

  7. Well I hope you crashed the party at the Waste Management Facility! How could you pass THAT up?!

    I suppose at some point, just as with children, you have to let the chickens navigate the world on their own. Parenthood is stressful! (As you know better than me!)

    This election stuff in Florida is crazy. Such a nail-biter!

  8. I hope Levon has a lovely birthday today.

    As for shootings and politics, I got nothing. It's all too much right now.

    Take care.

  9. I'm with you...what the hell could be going on at the dump that they would bring people there in buses? Very odd.

    You people in Florida need to demand that your voting procedures change. This is more times than I care to remember when the ballots there are all screwed up. And now they are talking about how people couldn't find where to vote for Senator! Geeze!

    Where in the heck or who taught you about the word Inshallah?

    Please be safe, chicks . Practice running very, very fast.

    1. People know Inshallah. It's not different to 'God willing', is it?

    2. Yes indeed. But of all the people I know, I am the only person who says that! Besides Big Bear and my Muslim family and friends. It is Arabic.

  10. Thousand Oaks is just another LA suburb, about 20 miles away from me. And now they are enduring fires. So Glad about your recount. Jenny


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