Thursday, August 31, 2017

And In Local News

So. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Remember last night when I wrote about the hawk and the three baby chicks?
There is now one baby chick. Just Rose.
I'm sure the hawk got Amethyst last night and Pearl today and I'll be shocked if tomorrow he doesn't get Rose. He's learned they're right there for the taking and take he will.

I guess Dottie had kept them under the radar until yesterday late afternoon when I heard that hawk calling his whistling cry. Or hers.
Maybe I should try to keep Rose in the coop tomorrow.
I guess I'll attempt that.

Not only should you not count your chickens until they're hatched, you obviously shouldn't count them until they grow up to be adults, I guess.
Add to that the fact that old Miss Trixie has spent all day long in the corner of the hen house. I've thought she was dying so many times before so I won't say that I think she's dying but she does have that sort of flat look about her as if at least half of her spirit has already flown off. It takes all of a spirit to keep a chicken or any living being looking entirely animated as if spirit were directly connected to bones and muscle and I guess it is.

I got involved in some cleaning today. Mostly spider shit and Lloyd black greasy dust out on the back porch. Wiping things clean and then cleaning a shower and a sink and not one thing that I did will ever be noticed.
I also finished up the Magnolia dress and made a pair of panties to go with. The power went off as I was sewing the panties but it came back on pretty quickly and I finished them up.


Oh my goodness! I just heard a chick calling and went out to find little Pearl running into the hen house where she jumped up on a roost pole and then I looked above her into one of the nests and there was Dottie with Rose so Pearl is fine. Dottie's trying to teach her how to get up into the nest with her right now.
Pearl seems to need extra tutoring. And Dottie is so patient with her.

So that is good and so is this:

After thirteen years of living here, my bananas are actually making bananas.
Do you know how thrilled I am?
Last year Jessie told me that she'd heard that bananas need lots of organic material so I've been throwing my kitchen scraps underneath them (which is so handy because all I have to do is lean over from the little kitchen stoop and toss) and the chickens come in and scratch it all into the ground and they poop, too. So that might be why this beauty finally bloomed and is fruiting and I have to believe that all of the rain we've had this summer has helped.

I have decided that I am going to stop apologizing for not writing more about what's going on in the world. Everyone who comes here can read the news from dawn-to-dusk and then on to dawn again and if I feel compelled, I will talk about something and if I don't, I won't.

This is my world, right here, my life and my village and my family and the blogs that I love the most are the ones which talk about the lives and villages and families of others. Anyone can know what's going on via CNN or Huffpost or even BBC News but it is these windows into the worlds of other people which I am most interested in knowing about.
It is our connections and our shared commonalities and our quirks and our strengths and our joys and our fears and our loves which we and we alone can write about which hold my attention and educate me.

So. A tiny manifesto right here at blessourhearts.

I'm going to go make some pasta with tomatoes and peppers and onions and artichoke hearts and olives and capers and goat cheese.

How does that sound?

Love you...Ms. Moon


  1. That sounds JUST RIGHT. I love hearing about your life, and your family, and your chickens.

    Your writing blesses MY heart. :)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. That is my hope. To bless all of our hearts.

  2. Your manifesto sums up why I read your blog!

  3. I love the chickens and your chicken stories. For awhile I was writing about current events, but people already know what they want to know, so I've pretty much quit.

  4. That sounds delicious! You're spot on as to the blogs I enjoy. Much love.

  5. So glad that Pearl turned up. Banana blossoms are gorgeous.

    1. And Pearl is still scratching about.
      I am inordinately proud of my three tiny bananas.

  6. Oh honey! Those little chicks and your love for them just rips my heart open. Bananas! I had one for dinner.

    1. Bananas are the perfect food, I believe.
      And I do love my chicks but I have to understand that if I want to let them roam, as I do, the wild birds may want them.
      It's a cruel world for chickens.

  7. I am SO GLAD Pearl came home! It would be awesome if Amethyst showed up too, but I suppose that may be too much to expect at this point. And hooray for the bananas!

    I agree with your conclusions about blogging the news. We shouldn't feel obligated to comment on everything that happens in the world! I too am most interested in other bloggers who write about their own lives.

    1. Yeah- Amethyst is surely gone. But in good news, Trixie is once again up out of her death nest and hanging with the flock. That hen is immortal. I swear.

  8. Sounds good to me. I thought of you yesterday when I read about an old trick some folks use when their okra stops producing. Turns out giving them a beating (with a stick) gets them going again! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I thought it a bit severe but, you know...tough love.

    1. I may have heard about this. I'm not sure. But I'll tell you this- when my okra is done, it just loses all of its leaves and there's nothing but a stalk. I believe that beating that stalk about be naught but a waste of time and energy.

  9. Oh the drama! No more testing out the camo, girls.

    Do you go about cleaning spider shit with a magnifying glass, or you're eradicating cob webs? :)

    Wow! Bananas after 13 years! They almost look like they could be apple bananas - those are my favorite.

    You're one of the most prolific bloggers i know. You should totally fill the blogosphere in at whatever extent and frequency you choose. We just hope you never stop! :D

    1. I need no magnifying glass for this spider shit. Our spiders here in Florida poop extremely visible poop. And yes, I tried to get some of the webs, too, but that's a fool's errand around here.
      I have NO idea what sort of bananas these are. They were here when I moved in. We shall see!

  10. Well, you know how I feel about your blog. It's part of my life, our lives.

  11. Thank you for sharing all the magic of your world with us. You help to keep things sane and hopeful and remind us all that love is truly all that really ever matters. A most beautiful post, but all of your writing is beautiful. I always leave in awe of you, Ms Mary Moon. So much wisdom wrapped in such simplicity and authenticity. Thank you.


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