Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Such A Tiny Life

I think I took that picture yesterday. Amethyst and Rose are so well camouflaged that it's hard to get a picture of them where you can actually see them. Pearl, of course, is easy to see as is Dottie, the devoted mother. But there they are, sipping water before they start on their day's adventure. This afternoon I heard a hawk calling and went out to find Joe Cocker with Dottie, the chicks, and another hen in the brush back by the railroad tracks which is where I heard the hawk.
"Get back to the coop!" I told Dottie. Both Joe and Mick (who was in the coop) were raising hell. By the time I got out there, the hawk was gone and I hope it was dissuaded from chick-taking by the thick bushy brush. A full-grown hawk can take a small hen and a half-grown one would be naught but a morsel for a hungry hawk, albeit a tasty morsel and certainly big enough to mess with. I would hate like hell to lose one of these chicks at this point. Dottie has worked so hard, keeping them alive and well.

I've been anxious all day long. I won't go into why but I will say that it involved a dream (of course) and then Mr. Moon not telling me all day long via text that he loves me which is most unusual.
Yes. After thirty three years together, I still worry terribly that he is suddenly going to stop loving me.

No one ever said I wasn't crazy.

But he came home and reassured me that he does and I feel better now. Also, I just saw Dottie and her three grazing in the back yard and oh! now they're all sitting on the fence! It's so funny watching chickens fly. They certainly can but only do it when they really, really want to get up somewhere high. All of the chickens seem to like to sit on the fence in front of the coop before they go to roost. I really don't know why they do this but maybe they just like to take in the view before bedtime. I would not put it past them.

I went to Costco today with Jessie and August. Good Lord, but that child charms me! He wanted some of the blackberries his mama had put in the cart and he kept holding up his index finger on both hands saying, "One, two!"

Here he is with two blackberries.
When we left the store he waved good-bye to everyone as if he were blessing them like the royalty he is. I hear that he after his nap, he went to visit his Boppa at his office in the bank where this picture was taken.

And in Amazing News You Can Hardly Believe, I have finished Maggie's dress except for a little bit of handwork I need to do. 

When I tell you that I have had more trouble with this dress than the prom dress I made from a Vogue wedding dress pattern in high school (and it was gorgeous!) I am not lying. 
Oh well. Just one more homemade cotton dress for the Woman Baby and yes, I'll be making matching bloomers too. Those will take about fifteen minutes. 

And having said all of this, it occurs to me that I should probably be talking about the horrible flooding in Houston, the loss of life and homes and property. Not to mention the death and devastation going on in other parts of the world which continues apace, as it does. In fact, I feel ashamed. But what am I going to do about any of that? 
Not much, is the answer. 
And so I sit here and live my life and am grateful for it. A life where roosters and gingham have meaning. And I wish I didn't feel so guilty about that. 

Ellen Abbott, may the waters recede and your house stay dry. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Such beautiful babies. Both feathered and wiggly ones

  2. You are quite talented with those baby dresses. This one is just as pretty as the others! August is a sunshine boy with his beautiful blonde hair and tan skin. I am going to donate to something related to Harvey, pray for those I know there, and turn the news off a bit. I'm too addicted to FB and it's not such a healthy thing.

    1. And I think that's a very good plan, Joanne. I'm addicted to FB too and it is NOT GOOD!

  3. That child has the most beautiful colouring. I'm not kidding. He's golden.

    Those chicks are camouflaged well!

    I love seeing your creations. Please. Please post a picture of the prom dress

    It is completely selfish and uncaring of me but I am somewhat relieved that you are not talking about the flood. I caught the tail end of the news tonight, something I avoid to prevent me from ending it or going into a long term stay at the hospital, and there was a story about a man that lives nearby that was hit in the back of the head at a softball game and died. He just had a baby and that baby will never have a chance to know his daddy. It sent me into sobs. The news of the devastation and destruction from the flood is more than I can take. I seriously fucking hate being an Empath some days. I just found a new book by Judith Orloff about Emptaths but I don't have a lot of faith for a long term benefit. The world is too fucked.

    God. I am no. Norman Vincent Peale tonight, am I?

    I truly hope tomorrow is better for you and me.

  4. Agreed! Pretty impressive camouflage.

    I like to think im not a clingy partner, that said, whatever the trigger, sometimes i have total separation anxiety.

    That dress is exquisite and adorable, lovingly stitched into one. Purple and green together is the best. So impressed with your sewing skills in high school, even.

    1. Lily picked out the fabric. It's the same print, just different colors. I like it too. And when I was growing up, we all sewed in high school. It was not uncommon at all for us to make most of our wardrobe.

  5. It's the little things! I think the dress came out great! (LOL -- I mistyped the word "dress" and spell-check disturbingly corrected it to "fetus.") I love hearing about your chickens and their daily chicken dramas. Not so different from our own human dramas, really -- getting food, finding mates, having babies, finding a safe place to sleep.

    1. Yes. Humans are not so unique. All living beings have such essentially the same needs.

  6. I agree with Steve, it is indeed the little things... and you do them with Great Love. We can't all do the Great things that might change and shape the World, but positive small things done with a Great Love do make an important difference too. I Love hearing about raising the Chickens, I always wanted to try that when we had acreage and ironically for a brief time our HOA at the new Home was considering allowing Chickens so they must have had significant requests??? I don't think Chickens would last long out here, we're too near pristine Desert and loads of Predators roam our subdivision looking for tasty morsels like domestic Pets already... Chickens would be line a dinner bell ringing loudly!

    1. Yes. Sounds like you'd have to raise your chickens in a bunker if you were to have them. And that would be no fun for you or the chickens!

  7. I like reading about your chickens much more than I like hearing about Texas. Thank you for being honest. I live on Long Island and when 600 miles of the northeast was slammed by Super Storm Sandy in 2012, 22 out of 23 Texas Republicans in congress voted against federal aid for my region, for the usual horse shit reasons of "small government" that they use to hide their racism, greed, anti-Americanism, and general dickishness. So as far as I am concerned, Texas can go fuck itself.

    Your chickens are ten times more worthy than Ted Cruz. They could teach the average Texan a lot about kindness unto others, and about keeping the flock together.


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