Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dottie Is Ranging Far Afield. I Am Not

Well, dang, Dottie!
Within an hour of me opening up the door to the coop, Dottie was leading her chicks to scratch all the way up by the house.

"Come along, children!" she clucked. "We are going to eat well today!"

And then she proceeded to take them into the little garden off the kitchen where they happily scratched around beneath the bananas where I throw kitchen scraps.

So much for my theory that she'd stay near the coop with the babes on their first day out. 
I think she's been desperate to get out and scratch. That coop is boring and does not offer much in the way of good foraging. I've tried to give them fresh fruit and greens every day but that's not real life in chicken world. That's just a poor substitute. 

Let us hope for the best. So far none of the other chickens seem to be paying them much attention and Jack observed them but made no moves toward them. 
He better not. She'll beak his eyeballs out. 

So. That's the excitement here in Lloyd today so far. I'm enjoying being thoroughly leisurely and have enjoyed some huevos rancheros made with leftover refried black beans. I may never need to eat again. 

I think I'll go pick edamames and peas if I can tolerate the heat. It's definitely the time of year for the garden to die down, die back. 
Meanwhile, in Charlottesville, there is an evil growing which challenges the devil himself. 
If there were ever any question about whether we have completely abandoned the garden of eden and planted the seeds of destruction, we can now see the proof in the fruits which are being harvested without shame. 

I am staying here with my chickens. I am hiding my head in the sand. I am afraid for us all and for this planet which, on its own, is so wild and so tender, so harsh and so hospitable, so blue and so green and so precious and unique. 

The mad men rage and are in charge. Men who do not have the sense or even the native intelligence of a mother hen have the power to destroy us and the planet. 

How have we let this happen? 


  1. Do you see what's happening in Charlottesville last night and this morning? The Klan has been so emboldened they no longer need to wear hoods. And Nazi salutes are everywhere. This is what the orange bully has wrought.

  2. Yes. That's what I was talking about. It's absolutely untenable. It is sickening, it is more than I can bear thinking about.
    Nazis? Really? That's what those people's role models are? I weep to think of that. I am astounded.
    As to the masks- I'm sure they would wear them if it were legal.

  3. I am keeping my head under covers and crying for this country.

    1. Metaphorically, I, too, have my head under the covers. What else is there to do except keep on with that which we have been given to tend?

  4. I can't watch the news. Not local or provincial or federal. I can't watch what's happening to all of you. I can't watch what's happening to people all over this planet. It's too fucking much. People will say I am ignorant but the other choice is being so anxious and depressed that I end up ending my life. I have tried before. So, I keep doing good in my small world. Loving the people I care for. Right now I have a client who is dying. I can make her day better. I have a client who hoards and doesn't have anyone. I can leave her kitchen cleaner than I found it. And I can continue to blog. To reach out to all of you and let you know I stand beside you, holding your hand.

    1. Birdie, I think you have figured out what it is that we need to do which is just to keep leaving the places we have been a bit better and the best we can leave them. And hope that we continue to be given that privilege.

  5. I'm so fearful of the world as I know it ending that I've taken to my bed with reruns of The Golden Girls. I just got news that I'll be a great Grammy in about seven why am I not over-the-moon happy? Because I'm even more fearful for him/her.

    1. I know. I know. I do very much know. And yet, we have to go on, doing the best we can.
      This is just all too much and yet, it is what we have before us.

  6. This is a book that I liked a lot, about the chimp origins of human violence. It made a lot of sense to me, though who knows if they're 100% right. I guess no-one is. But I certainly think in our evolution our brain development either took a wrong turn somewhere, or started from a particular place that allowed us to foster hatred and violence and war. I don't think the US is unique in this, there is atrocity everywhere.

    On a sweeter topic, I'm so glad one of your hens had chicks. In your Bless-Our-Hearts world of maternal celebration, it's always seemed slightly wrong that chick babies were hatched in incubators and raised in bathtubs!

  7. I have no idea how this happened. I still don't understand it. I'm glad Dottie is being adventurous with her chicks and everyone is doing well!


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