Monday, August 14, 2017

It's Just Life

Jesus god I'm dragging around like my dog died and I don't even know why although I'm sure writing down these memories and thoughts is having an effect and at this point, it's not a very happy effect but hell- how could it?
Also, I'm dragging around because my hips are screaming "help! help!" and I know if I lost some damn weight they'd quiet down to more of a polite, "help! help!" but that doesn't seem to be happening. I was almost hoping that my blood work would show that my thyroid isn't doing its job and I could take some medicine and miraculously, all would be better but it didn't.

But, you know, the day has held some good things. Here are some pictures Lily sent this morning.

Can you tell who's the most excited for school to start? Can you even handle Gibson? A cross between a super hero and Zoolander. Owen's best friend in school for the past two years is going to a different school this year and that makes him sad. Remember Chase? The sweet fella who ate with Owen in the classroom because eating in the lunchroom seemed to cause some seizure activity in him last year? 
And he has every right to be sad. He loves Chase. 
And by the way, it's been a seizure-free summer and like Elizabeth, I hate to tempt the fortunes but it's true and knock wood. 
I hope that Owen makes a new really good friend this year and at least all of the girls who have crushes on him will be able to see him again. I haven't asked about his girlfriend in quite some time and he hasn't mentioned her either so I don't know what's happening there. 

Anyway, I went to town today and had lunch with Lily and Lauren and Magnolia. 
Oh, that little girl. 
She is absolutely a Bessie Pease Guttman painting of a baby

as I have said before and when I take her in my arms, she leans her head up against mine and holds it there for so long. And I melt. 
And for a moment all of the memories and the dreams and the worries and the fears and the guilt and the shame and the grief melt away and I am holding life and it is so good. 

I saw Dearie today. I was afraid that he'd taken off with a few hens for Mexico like the hero in a romance novel. 
"We'll leave it all behind and we'll live our own true lives, our truth, our LOVE!" 

I wouldn't blame him. Not one bit. 

Let's hope for a sweet tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh good! I like that rooster. I bet he's trying to make his own home away from the other mens in the flock. But who knows.

  2. I'm glad to hear Owen's been seizure free and it is so sad when one's Friends leave. I hope he finds some new ones this school year and end up as excited as his little brother, who just melted my Heart with the Joy beaming out of his little face! I've been dragging around too and have discussed it with some Friends who likewise have been and we don't quite know why... perhaps it is the climate of the state of the World right now with all of the Negative Energy abounding? We are bound to be touched by it in not always the best ways.

  3. Gibson looks like he is posing for a back to school sale! He definitely seems to be overflowing with enthusiasm.

    I actually feel quite sad for Owen. That's a huge adjustment when you are still so little. And he is so little still. Not Gibson or Magnolia or August little. But still, he's so young still. Or will I be saying that about everyone now that I am middle aged?

    I hope you have a very good sleep and wake up feeling better. xo

  4. When I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to send all the loves to Owen.

  5. Gibson looks like Lunar Jim! But far more adorable.

    And Owen looks like Mr Handsome, as usual.

  6. Let's hope tomorrow is as sweet as Gibson looks in his first day of school pix. Let's hope tomorrow Owen finds a new very best friend! He is so young to have to miss someone so much.

  7. Those sweet children. All sweet in their own way. I knocked on wood for Owen too. And I'm glad Dearie is back. Did you end up losing any chickens after all?

  8. Such handsome boys. Gibson sure does look excited! Owen less so. Maybe he is like my son, who always got anxious the night before a new school year. "What if the teacher doesn't like me?" he'd say. "She will love you," I'd tell him. Half a day in, he was right at the center of the mix, and all was well again.

    1. This nervousness abated in high school. And for the teacher, it would obviously be she or he will love you, however most of his grade school teachers were women. Not being sexist!

  9. Owen has a girlfriend? Already?! I didn't even know what a girlfriend was at that age. (Of course, I'm probably a bad example.)


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