Monday, August 7, 2017

Old And New

Well, there's the Maggie dress that goes with the panties. It is lined with the same material that the panties are made of. It's such a simple dress, one piece that you sew to the lining piece and turn inside out and stitch up. Voila! It wraps and I think we all need a dress like this. Well, those of us who wear dresses, that is.
I did struggle for a long damn time with the buttonholer but it wasn't the buttonholer's fault. It was mine. I was just being clumsy and dumb and things kept happening like my needle bent and I had to replace it and, oh hell.
User error.

So I really didn't get anything done today but I sure did get a lot of sweet texts. Lily took her kids and darling Lenore to the beach with her friend, Lauren, whose parents live near the beach. Somehow a firetruck was involved because Lauren's folks are volunteer fire-fighters. And ice cream. It looked like a fabulous day.
Here's Maggie. Lily says she is fearless in the water.

I'm not sure there's anything that child does fear. 

I want to be Magnolia June when I grow up. 

I just took a little trip down memory lane. I got a comment about the Morrison's cafeteria in Melbourne, Florida and that led me to remember that we used to go to the Trade Winds Cafeteria in Melbourne before Morrison's came in. I did a tiny google search and found that there were a chain of Trade Winds and they were replaced by Morrison's before Morrison's was replaced by Piccadilly. 
Got that?

Yep. That's the era I remember. Cars and everything. 

And this made me want to look up the Sea Cove Cottages where we used to stay in Vero sometimes. Once, when we were hiding from my father, and several times when my aunts and uncles would all come to Florida with their kids and we would gather and have a beach reunion. I've talked about this place before and even posted a picture or two but I just love this one. It's from a postcard for sale on eBay. 

I don't remember it being that big but I surely do remember those rooms. That is exactly what it looked like. 
Sigh. I can almost smell those cottages. A mixture of salt and sun cured wood, mostly, mixed with some Coppertone and Sea'n'Ski tanning lotion, which is just a delicious perfume. I have so many good memories of that place. Well, except for the time we were hiding from my father but I even have a memory or two of then which I cherish. 

There's a condo built where those cottages once stood now. Of course. They probably smell of potpourri. 


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I tried leaving a comment a couple of posts back about little girl clothing but I was on my iPod and it didn't go through. Trying again.
    When I was pregnant with Natalie my grandma *decided* that I was having a girl. She bought fabric by the bolt of anything pink, purple or with flowers on it. And she bought lace. And ruffles. And ric rac. Industrial bolts worth. Lace, ruffles and ric rac on every thing! It was awesome! My daughter was very tiny, in the third percentile, and she looked like a living doll. I have kept all of it. Maybe a granddaughter will be in my future. 💕

    1. Well, before you sew anything out of that fabric, wash it and make sure it's still strong. I made a dress out of vintage fabric once and it ripped to pieces.
      But honestly- that's the sweetest thing your grandmother did. Just the sweetest.

  2. Darling dress! Maggie is lucky.

    1. She is but not really because of the dress. She's just plain lucky because of the love.

  3. That dress is darling and so is Maggie. I want to be like her when I grow up too!

  4. Brave Maggie! And the dress came out great! I LOVE those postcards. I've never heard of Trade Winds, but we used to go to Morrison's in Tampa back in the day. Remember how all the servers used to be black men? It was very Southern and thoroughly racist in that way, but I didn't know any better at the time. I don't know whether that was an actual hiring policy or just the way things worked out at the one we patronized.

    Anyway, those beach cabins are exactly how a beach cabin SHOULD look. Cheap furniture that can't be harmed by suntan oil, sand-proof linoleum floors, etc. I miss those days!

    1. Steve I remember the Miami one was the same. I felt a bit uncomfortable being fresh from New York. Their chopped steak and fried okra were pretty damn perfect though.

    2. Yes. That was the way it was. And I remember at the Morrison's where we went on Sundays after church, one of the men who carried trays always called my baby brothers, "Little man."
      I also remember when the Piccadilly started hiring not only women but also white men to carry trays. Times change.

  5. Maggie! That child!! damn she is cute! I do hope that she has some measure of sass! It will save her! Adorable dress!

    1. Oh, she has ALL the sass. And kisses too. She's the whole enchilada, that one.

  6. That dress is adorable. In fact it would make a great summer top for a bigger girl as well. We didn't have Morrison's or the like in Canada and had to take a train if we wanted to see a black man(porters). At least in my part of outside Toronto.


    1. I think it would make a great dress or top for all of us. So easy and loose and cool.
      Matching bloomers would be a plus!
      I can't even imagine growing up in a place where there were no people of color. Whenever I've been in a place where there were almost all white people, I have felt very uncomfortable and weird.


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