Friday, August 18, 2017

Strip The Bed

Hot and hot and hot and hot and the sheets are on the line and the boys are coming over tonight.
I am definitely missing two chickens and for the life of me, I do not know which ones.
I feel inadequate to everything today and ashamed for the inadequacy.

When I did I lose my spark, my soul's delights, my ability to at least pretend I am human?

Ah well. At least I am still here. I can wash sheets, I can hang them on the line. I can still be a grandmother. I can run to town very quickly to get things I need. I can come home and I can sew. I can read and I will be able to garden again when this heat breaks.

I guess that's enough.

I suppose.


  1. I heard that on days when we feel like this, we should allow ourselves to do very little. of course, grand mothering is not 'very little' but at least it feeds the soul. lovelovelove

  2. You do so much for me by being there and sharing your world through your blog, some days you are all I have and I am so grateful xo

  3. It's awfully hard to have any kind of spark when it's August in Florida! Be kind to yourself, Mary!


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