Thursday, August 10, 2017

Alone Time

Mr. Moon is heading up to Georgia today to start getting the hunting camp ready for action.
I have no idea what this is going to entail but I do know that this means that I am about to get lots of alone time.
I am torn about this.
Because of my childhood, I love being alone. In some ways, I feel safest alone.
All of the years of my child-rearing I was hardly ever alone. From the very moment that spark of life happens in the belly, a mother is not alone. And if you're a mother the way I was, you don't leave that baby after it's born for...well. A good long time.
And then here comes another baby.
And then, and then. And so forth.

There were times during those days when I had four children at home that I would have given my little toes for a few days of solitude.

But. Here I am now and facing another hunting season and it will begin, unofficially, today. And my stomach is a bit tied up and I have a lump in my throat like the one I used to get whenever I'd read "Heidi" or "The Little Princess" and maybe I'm just getting old.

And here's the thing- he loves this time of year when he gets to spend time in the woods with a project that makes him so happy. And he is still strong and can do it and that is something I celebrate.

And I am still strong enough to keep the home fires burning.

And he always comes home.

Later, loves.

Ms. Moon


  1. Once he arrives and is in regular contact you will be able to enjoy your alone time, even though you will miss him till he returns. Love.

    1. I know. You speak the truth.
      Love to you, too, my dear friend.

  2. I am always alone. Most of the time it is fine. Then there are those times I yearn for a partner in life.

    1. I wish that for you too, Joanne. As I have said before, you deserve that.

  3. It's a delicate balance isn't it? I am am introvert but when I am alone for too long I do want someone around.

    1. And I am so lucky in that I can call Lily and say, "What are you doing today?" And then invite myself into being involved.

  4. Alone time is the absolute best! I mean REALLY alone, like no body to call or write to. At least for about half an hour!


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