Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Follies

It's another day I definitely need to get out of the hood. Everything around me seems to be falling apart and dirty and dusty and spider-webbed and junky and in need of paint, repair, cleaning, weeding, culling, and/or attending to in some way and that's a sign to me that I am in a bit of a mental crash. Not that all of those things aren't true, it's just that when they get so overwhelming to me that it makes me cry, I need to step back and try to figure out what all is going on in my brain which is as big a mess as the stuff around me, probably even more so.

Luckily, Lily has plans to take the boys to get their hair cut and I'm going with them which means I'll get to see not only all of them but also, Melissa which is a blessing. I'm going to take her some eggs. My sweeties gave me seven eggs yesterday. SEVEN!
My favorite of all the new ones is Nicey's which is so dark cocoa brown. Just a lovely egg.
But. Back to haircuts. Gibson says he's going to get his rat tail cut off but Owen refuses to entertain the thought of getting his removed. It's about halfway down his back now. His own little freak flag, his own statement of self.
I am proud of them both. Gibson for getting his cut despite what big brother does and Owen for not getting his cut, despite what society does.

Then we're going to Japanica and probably the Goodwill bookstore and then Costco and Publix and then I'll come home and get to work in the library again, I suppose.

Ay-yi. And Lah-di-dah. Let's smooth it out. Let's shake the bad dreams and the mind clutter. Let's order the tofu Bento box and drink the miso soup. Let's deal with things one book, one album, one cobweb at a time.

And so forth.

Happy Friday or as reasonable a facsimile as you can manage.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It would be lovely to spend a day like today with you and your people! And I know you'll report in later so it is like we all do get to hang out with you on your adventures. I'm proud of those boys and their haircuts too for the same reasons you said. They are fine humans to have in this world.

  2. I can sympathize. Now that we've had some work done around the house, everything else suddenly looks TERRIBLE. I spent the morning cleaning and weeding and everything I do just reveals more to be done.

    Yes, bravo to Gibson and Owen for their individuality!

    1. Steve Reed, I can never figure out why you don't do things once and then never have to do them again. Ya know? Get a hair cut once? Pick weeds once? Just doesn't seem fair to me.

  3. It's fascinating to me how sometimes the house looks like a hovel and at other times like a light filled sanctuary. Either way, there's a lot that needs fixing and sprucing around here too. Enjoy your babies today.

  4. Hello Ms. Moon, I wanted to comment on the latest post but for some reason couldn't. I'm here, reading every day, enjoying your wonderful gift of expression, your honesty, your youness. Loved your writing about books! I have been surreptitiously weeding out books at my house for weeks, quietly taking them to a library bookstore, because I don't think my husband could stand to let one book go, but I don't think he'll miss them when gone, too many others still there. Just don't feel like I quite belong here even though I relate to much of what you write about (though I don't have any experience with chickens). It's like I'm too late to the party, or my old nemesis -- I don't belong. My upbringing was as far from hippie as you could possibly imagine, ha! But I'll keep quietly hanging out with you. Becky


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