Friday, August 4, 2017

The Wimp Reports In

Well, I survived my appointment this morning. You know, the one with my darling and incredibly cute and friendly and empathetic general practitioner where I felt as if I were going to be laid out on an exam table and cut open sans anesthesia and had my lights and liver all examined with the aid of hot needle nose pliers?
That one.
He is just such a darling, my GP. I keep wanting to ask him if
(a) He would mind if I took a picture of him for my blog, and also,
(b) He needs a mother to adopt him.

Okay. Here's a picture I stole off the internet.

How cute is he? 
Plus, I am certain that if he had bad news, he would hold your hand when he delivered it. 
He's funny and honest and he takes plenty of time to explain things. 
Today he explained triglycerides to me because mine are high. He also said he was proud of me for getting my blood work done. And he told me that everything else looked very good except that I need Vitamin D and I sort of don't believe that due to the fact that I spend so much time outside but whatever. I'll take a Vitamin D. 
So I managed to get through that appointment but I will be completely honest and admit that I took not one but TWO Ativan even though I sometimes go for weeks without taking a one and I was a flakey nut-case for the rest of the day and when I finally got home I had to go to sleep for awhile but I probably would have had to anyway, due to anxiety crash and resulting hangover. 
Plus, it was raining. 

But before nap time, I went shopping for new material and a pattern for a dress for Missy Maggie and then I met up with Owen and Gibson and that sassy woman child and their mama and also Hank and his friend Lindsey for lunch at a new Greek diner sort of place. 
It wasn't bad. 
You want to hear the cutest thing that happened all day? The sweetest?
Owen called me and left a message asking me to wear my gorilla Rolling Stones t-shirt so we would be matching because he was wearing his. 
I was already in town and already dressed but he and Gibson are coming over tomorrow for a slumber party and I can wear it then. 
If there's anything that charms the very cockles of a grandma's heart, it is knowing that her grandson wants her to wear a Rolling Stones t-shirt to match his own. 
Trust me. It's in the grandmother's handbook, hippie edition. 

So that was about it today. I did not ask myself to do much beyond just survive, which I did. I am fully aware that being able to barely survive the most non-invasive (on any level) doctor's appointment with a kind human being who makes me laugh is hardly a lot to ask but it would appear that in my world it is. 
Oh. We do have clean sheets on the bed. And I collected five eggs. FIVE!!! I now have an extra dozen eggs and so the great egg-sharing shall now begin. The boys are going to come and spend the night tomorrow and I hear that Owen has learned to make French toast and so perhaps we shall have some yummy Owen-made French toast on Sunday morning instead of pancakes but we shall see. 

I'm sipping a Friday night martini and feeling pretty chill and the temperature on this back porch is as comfortable as it can be and although it has stopped raining, the sound of water rolling off the magnolia leaves is enough to make me feel as if I live in a rain forest, which, essentially, I do. 

Here come the frogs, croaking their satisfaction with the rain. They sing for me too. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We only got the one really good rain...2" so my neighbor at the end of the street says. but it is considerably cooler with this little front even though so far it hasn't brought us any more rain. cool enough that it's not a total misery to be outside. and while the ground is still so nicely wet, it somehow seems wrong that I must water certain pots.

    so now what I was really thinking...fuck all Mary, I get busy and don't check in for a day or two and you start baring the nitty gritty details. go ahead on. get it all out there. every last stinking little bit. drag it out in the light, let it shrivel in the glare.

  2. Two years ago May, upon our return from our winter in Florida, I had my yearlylab wor followed a week later with the dreaded doctor appointment. That young whippersnapper had the gall to tell me I had a slight Vitamin D deficiency! I told him I'd spent the last six months in the sun at the beach while he and everyone else in this godforsaken state were holed up next to their electric fireplaces, and how could I be the one lacking in Vitamin D? Well, he told me it was so, so I started taking Walgreens brand. A year later all was well, so I stopped taking them.

  3. i have to take vitamin d supplements too because of my condition...

    sounds like a conspiracy to make women buy vitamin D.


  4. It was a good, good day in the end. I'm glad. What a loving boy that Owen is.

    1. Yes, ma'am. Don't tell him but I've ordered him a new Rolling Stones t-shirt. His is getting way too small.

  5. Well, as for the Vitamin D I do take it because it's so dark here most of the year. I sort of believe in supplements and do take Kelp. Since taking Kelp I have gone off my two thyroid medications and went from a low average number on medication to a high average taking Kelp. I also take a multivitamin. And selenium. I don't remember the reason for taking selenium. Oh, I also take a probiotic which I really believe in in order to get a healthy gut

    Fuck. Why am I telling you this?

    I am proud of you for going to the doctor. I am.

  6. I take a vitamin D supplement when I remember to because it's just too damn hot here to be outside enough to get an adequate amount. Also, I'm fat and that puts me at extra risk for deficiency and plus I hate wearing revealing enough clothes to get enough sunshine! I seem to feel better when I take it consistently but maybe that's a placebo effect...who knows?

    Your doctor is adorable! My husband's oncologist is youngish and cute, and made the endless appointments five years ago a little more pleasant. :) I never see him these days, since Gregg only goes for routine checkups every 6 months and declines to have me accompany him. Which is fine with me...if I never see the inside of an oncology ward again you'll not hear any complaints from me, no matter how cute the doctors are! :)

    I'm so pleased to hear that everything checked out fine with you! I knew you were probably anxious for nothing. For me, NOT knowing how things stand is the scariest thing, but I've learned that a lot of people are just the opposite. I have family that NEVER see a doctor unless there's a crisis, and it worries me to death. I am proud of you for facing your fears and having your checkup! I want to be reading your blog for a long, long time to come, Mary!!! You have to take care of yourself.

    1. If I really had a choice, I would totally only see a doctor when I had a crisis. But hell- they won't give me the meds I need for anxiety and depression if I don't check in. Darn them!
      I remember my friend Kathleen's oncologist was about the cutest doctor I'd ever seen. He definitely made the visits there far more bearable. Plus, he was so sweet.

  7. Good for you! Your doctor is adorable and I'm glad you are well. I was told that I had low vitamin D too. But I stopped taking it after awhile cause I just got tired of it. I haven't been told anything about it in quite awhile. Some drs check for it and some don't. I love Owen and his siblings. I look forward to tomorrow's post - as always!

    1. Joanne- his adorableness doesn't even show up in that picture nearly like it does in real life.
      I swear.
      Remind me of this when I start freaking out about my next appointment. Okay? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  8. We would appreciate some rain here. Imagine, in Seattle no less.

    XXX Beth

  9. I suspect an issue is efficient absorption rather than lack of exposure or a great vitamin D conspiracy. Are you not all wearing sunscreen in the sun?

    Owen remains the Best, as ever :)
    And that is a very cute doctor. I'm so glad you survived the appointment x

    1. We are SUPPOSED to wear sun screen.
      I hardly ever do. I desperately need to go see my dermatologist too.
      Owen is a jewel.

  10. You are so not a wimp! Going even when you're terrified makes you a brave woman. Don't ask me how long it's been since I've gone to a doctor... Do you ever want to call him Doogie Howser?

    1. I won't ask you. I promise. Not ever.
      No, I don't want to call him Doogie but I do sort of want to call him "honey."

  11. I guess I'd do whatever that young man asked, too. He's so right about vitamin D. I think you must sleep under the moon, too, to get enough.

  12. Five eggs! Woo hoo! I'm glad Owen wants to wear the same shirt as you. That's pretty great. :)


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