Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Not That I'm Prejudiced Or Anything

This morning Jessie and August came over on their way to our friend's house who had surgery where Lily was helping out again today. August got out of the car, looked around and said, "Boppa go?"
Oh well.
This was a conversation we had several times today. I didn't mind though.
He remembered all of the fun stuff at Mer and Bop's house and played with the toys and rode the horse.

August is a gentle cowboy, going at a slow, delicate pace. But he likes to ride. 
We read some books and when we were playing with a toy on the coffee table he patted the ground beside him and said, "Down."
And I sat down. 
He wanted to climb the stairs and Jessie followed him up with her arms out and when he got to the top he said, "Tired now."
"No you're not," I told him. "I've seen you climb a mountain."

That's when he got back down. His mama told him to smile for the camera and he did. 

They went over to the friend's house after awhile and here's the picture I got of the two babies kissing.

Have you ever seen anything sweeter? In your life? 
I don't think I have. 
My precious babies. 

I picked up the boys again and we drove directly to the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store which thrilled them to pieces and I was happy to do. Toys were fifty percent off. For $4.60 I bought Gibson a giant box of youngster Legos and Owen a kid digital camera which, after he borrowed a screwdriver and replaced the batteries (himself) actually worked. 
I had told them that when we got to my house there was going to be no Wii and no iPad. They didn't fuss too much and Gibson settled in on the kitchen floor to build things with his Legos, and Owen and I started putting together a pirate puzzle on the hallway floor while listening to Keith Richard's CD, Crosseyed Heart. Loudly. It was fun. 
While I ate my lunch today, I watched an interview on Facebook that Theodora Richards had done with Sean Lennon for Sirius XM. 

Lotta hair there. 
Can you imagine the dynamics of that pair? 
It was not the greatest interview ever but it was fun and I especially liked it when Sean gave Theodora a second to say something. That guy knows a lot and he's not afraid to talk about it. I believe that Theodora knows quite a bit too but she let Sean do most of the talking. They answered questions being asked on Facebook and one of the questions was, "Have you ever broken one of your dad's guitars?"
Sean said that his dad's guitars hadn't really been around when he was a kid and Theodora was absolutely horrified at the idea. 
"I wouldn't be here if I had!" she said. 
She looked like she meant it. 

Anyway, it was fun to listen to Keith's CD with my Owen and then Lily and Lauren and Maggie came over to get the boys and chaos ensued. Maggie rode the horse and unlike August, she rides like someone on the pony express being chased by robbers. She also climbed the steps all by herself while I was giving Lauren a tour of the house. Thank god she stands at the top of the stairs and yells at us to come and get her. 
Lord, that child is going to give me a heart attack. 

Lily finally got everyone packed up and buckled in and they drove away after kisses and I came in and got the house back in order and then sat down to try and figure out that Maggie dress once again. And guess what? 
That pattern has terrible instructions. 
Plus, I'm completely inept when it comes to three dimensions. 
I feel like I discovered the lost treasure of the Inca or something. I haven't finished the dress but I think I know what I'm doing now. 

So. Completely successful and terrific day and we're getting a nice drizzle from Harvey, I suppose, and Hank probably saved a friend's life but that's not my story to tell. Still, it's worth saying. 
And needless to say, I am very proud of him. 

I have the most amazing family, I think. We may have our faults and our vast imperfections but we are good people and we make gorgeous, brilliant babies. 

Can't ask for more than that in this life. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Congrats on the dress, I would have left it undone until the child was an adult. The babies....ohhhhh the babies!

  2. That picture of August on the horse is a treasure. Slow, gentle cowboys are my favorite kind of cowboys.

    LOL your hair comment.

    For being as two-dimensional, as you claim, you sure manage to bring a lot of things to life. (Not just dresses. Hat's off to your persistence!)

    1. As I said, I think it's more a case of being stubborn than being persistent.

  3. Those grandchildren of yours are out of control gorgeous!

    Can't wait to read Hank -- I seem to have lost the link to his blog but maybe I can find on your blogroll?

    1. I don't do it anymore. No time.

    2. That's too bad, Hank. I want to hear the story! But good on you for saving your friend.

    3. I hate it when my kids start a blog and then stop. But yeah, Hank's pretty busy these days.

  4. I can't believe how much August has grown. It seems like no time since he was born!

  5. That picture on the stairs might be the smiliest picture I've ever seen of August. Funny to hear how Maggie rides the horse.

    It's hard to believe that big hairy guy is Sean Lennon. I still picture him as a little boy, like in the "Double Fantasy" days. My mind is frozen in time!

    1. I hear you about minds being frozen in time. His mother, however, appears to be timeless and ageless.
      That's August's smile for the camera look.

  6. Agreed. A most amazing and beautiful family. XXOO


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