Thursday, October 20, 2016

There Are Plans And Then There Are Realities

So. Guess what, chicken butt? As the kids might say. EARLY VOTING HASN'T STARTED YET!
Oh for Christ's sake. Why don't I do a little research on this shit?
Because I'm an idiot.
Oh well.
Jessie and August and I had a delightful time in Monticello anyway.

We went to the Mexican restaurant.

We ate tacos de pollo and beans and rice. See August's boo-boo where he fell off the couch the other day? 

We went antique shopping. 

And August had more fun than he would have had at Disney World. He is absolutely the most delightful child and I am not just saying that because I am his grandmother. I am saying that because he is. We bought a few clothing items at the Humane Society thrift store both for ourselves and for Maggie and Gibson and I got a set of beautiful Corning Ware leftover containers. 

That largest one is big enough to hold an entire roast chicken. Or a party's worth of potato salad. I can't begin to tell you how trilled I am about it. 

And then, August got to talk to a kitten behind a glass window. 

So it was pretty much a perfect day and for some reason, I'm not in nearly as much pain as I was yesterday, even though I took a pretty good walk this morning. Not in the woods and fields, I might add, but down the sidewalk to the county line and back, with a little lagniappe hike down a road which ended at a church and an old graveyard under some towering oaks. It was nice to change it up a bit. 

Mr. Moon is off to Georgia again and so I'm holding down the fort. It's supposed to get down into the fifties and forties for a few nights, starting tomorrow and I can't believe it. 
I hope the heater still works.

I guess I'll be going back to Monticello next week sometime when the actual early voting begins. 
Which doesn't suck in the least. 

Love...Ms. Moon 


  1. Oh, little August! My boy walked at 10 months and pretty much had a bruise somewhere on his giant forehead for the next 6 months. He had/has a big head. It was hard lugging that thing around! I am not being mean. This is a family joke :-)

    I wonder is that cat could blog. "Still waiting to be resuced. Talked to little boy behind glass window. Did all my extra cute kitten things but to no avail. Must separate him from large humands that accompanied him. This is likely the only way he will take me home."

    1. I had a friend who joked that his grandson's head had his own zip code. It was a rather large head. August just thinks he's a rock climber. He literally tries to climb walls.
      Yep. That's what that cat would have blogged. There was another kitten, a sibling, all black and as much as I love black cats (I've had a few and loved them all), this one looked positively demonic. As Jessie said, "Poor thing. That kitten doesn't have a thing to offer." I tried to get Jessie to take the little black and white one but she refused. Mean Aunt Jessie, once again.

  2. Oh poor August. My son had many such boo boos on his forehead growing up. Better there than the back of the head I heard. What precious pictures.

  3. I've always maintained that bumps on the head are important for brain development. What are we going to do? Put helmets on them at birth?
    Jessie took the pictures of August with the kitten. I handed her my phone and said, "You do it." Credit where credit is due.

  4. ah, poor August and his boo boo! The first (or not) of many......none of which will deter him from his appointed activities! He and the kitten are to die for......too cute for words, and I am envious beyond belief about your corning ware glassware. I had one for years (loaf pan size) and broke it......never have found another. Hard to come by, and priceless in my opinion.
    Susan M

    1. They're great, aren't they? But they do break. I'm very pleased about finding these.

  5. I too am very jealous of your containers! Also of your whole day, boo on work! Although I love you three and I am so happy you got to spend the day together. Excited for tomorrow and Sunday! Love you- lily

    1. Lily- they had some more! If they're still there when I go back to vote, I'll get them for you!

  6. I voted already! But I'm domiciled in a red state, so it's wasted. But I did the right thing and voted a straight Democratic ticket - in South Dakota. August is the cutest baby I have ever seen, except maybe for Magnolia.

    1. Not wasted. You did your job. So good on you!
      They are cute babies, aren't they?

  7. early voting starts here next Monday. and I am so envious of those containers! at a thrift store no less. omg. what a find. I have a few that I've picked up here and there. mostly they want almost as much money as buying them new.

  8. Awww, I love the pictures of August with the kitten. Did you think about adopting it? :)

    Great containers! Score!

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