Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lord Bless The Washing Machine And The Drain Pumps Which Keep Them Working, Etc.

The woods and fields are full of golds and purples and lavenders right now. As Lily said the other day, it's the season of the royal colors.
She is right.

I'm almost caught up on my laundry so that went well. Or, sort of well. It was a bit of a stressful situation for me in that the guy listened to the machine for about three seconds and said, "You need a new drain pump. It'll cost you between $250 and $300. I've got the part in my truck."
So I said, "Let me call my husband." Which I did.
He said, "WHAT???!!! That part can't cost seventy bucks!"
Then he thought a minute and said, "Okay, tell him to fix it."
So I told the guy to fix it and next thing I know, I'm getting texts from Mr. Moon showing me those drain pumps online that we could order for $41 and they guy's already tearing out the old one and what am I supposed to do?
Anyway, the long story short is that we have a new drain pump and Mr. Moon is pissed at himself for not fixing the thing himself but he's come to peace with it because he'd run out of clean socks.

So it's been a day like that- nothing much with little pockets of stress here and there. I went out to check the garden, which is ridiculous in that I only planted it three days ago to find this:

Can you see my tiny baby arugula plants? Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! And you know what? If you took one of those tiny leaves and pinched it between your fingernails, it would smell JUST LIKE ARUGULA!

I cleaned out the hen house so that's all filled with nice fresh hay that the chickens will poop up tonight when they go to bed. Last night when I went to shut them up safely inside, I found Dottie Begotti and Darla Star up on a roost

which was good because we'd been having to put them up in a nest by hand every night as they'd been going to bed on the ground which is not safe, even in a closed up hen house. Any critter that found their way in there (and it's happened before) would immediately go for the easy target of tasty tiny morsels on the ground. But it was also bad because where was little Nicey Two Two? I swung the beam of the flashlight around and finally located her. She was on the skinny ledge above the door.

I was relieved. 

Today I saw the three of them almost all the way to the house and the pride I felt in their little brave selves is not unlike the pride I felt when I saw that the arugula had busted dirt. 

It doesn't take much, does it? Not for me, anyway. 

I'm thinking that tomorrow I might IRON and then I'll be proud of myself!

Bless Our Hearts where the bar is set so low that everyone can feel comfortable! 
That is the service we provide. 
And we are proud to do it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well thank goodness somebody does (set the bar so low), cause otherwise where would I be? Permanently stuck in front of the first one, that's where. That pump part is the one that goes on my machine as well. We've learned to insure the washer. Totally worth it.

    1. I hate paying that insurance for appliances. It just seems like a big set-up.
      But I understand why it's probably a good idea. The fuckers always break.

  2. You get to things quickly and they get done quickly. You don't let your anxiety keep you in bed. You might fight it all the way but in my book you're doing good. And a weekend trip will be just what you need for all that pushing thru. I hope tomorrow is better.

    1. Staying in bed is not an option. I find myself waking up earlier these days, fretting and worrying and obsessing. Best to get up and so something. Trust me- if I could just sleep through it all, I would.

  3. The chicks grow up quickly! :) They look so cozy up on their roosts.

    I wouldn't feel bad about paying for the machine repair. Look at it this way -- you not only kept your machine out of the landfill, but you helped keep a small businessman in business. (Easy for me to say, I know!)

  4. oh well. we've all overpaid for something. at least you got it fixed. and the guy did know what was wrong so you paid for his expertise if not his actual labor and parts.

    1. I know. And I don't begrudge the man. Not at all.


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