Saturday, October 1, 2016

Babies, Men, And Other Amusing Things

Lily posted those pictures of Maggie on FB at about eleven last night.
Looking ready for bed, right?
Oh my god. I can't believe how that little squishling is growing up. She just loves life, that one.

I'm loving life well enough this morning. It's actually chilly. As in- I'm wondering where my slippers are. Also, the mushroom compost delivery truck is here. Mr. Moon took down some of the fence last night so that the guy can dump the compost directly into the garden which is going to save us countless hours of work. It's still going to be a lot of work, but not as much.

That's one pile. There's another. They're both steaming in this cool morning air. I'll be sweating by the time the afternoon is over, you can count on that. As soon as we get back from August's little party I'll be putting my overalls on and getting out there with a shovel. 

The pinecone lilies are beautiful right now. They are at maximum scarlet. 

I need to cut a few and bring them in to put in a vase. I doubt anyone but me even knows they're out there. Mr. Moon does the big picture thing. He looks out at the yard and sees whether or not the grass needs cutting. I look out into the yard to see what shy thing might be blooming. 
Speaking of which- he's out there now, mowing. He's on GO this morning and has been since before I got my sleepy ass out of bed. He's got a deer blind building project with a deadline that he's trying to get to.
No. The trip to Canada was not the only hunting he's got planned for the year. Of course not! He's also got the hunting camp up in Georgia and I don't even know what all. 

Ah lah. I love that man. 

So that's the news from Lloyd this morning. Yard mowing, mushroom compost spreading, birthday party attending, deer blind building. 
And so forth.

What's going on at your place?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Busy day ahead! Oh my, Maggie has stolen my heart.

    1. She's a heart-stealer, all right. Little Miss Squishy.

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  3. That beautiful smiling baby! And those pinecone lilies are a wonder. I'm forever bringing little nature gifts from outside in.

    I see a very different yard than my Mr. too - I see the surprises, the pretty, and of course the work to do, but he only sees the mess - a branch that needs trimming, a shrub that needs to be trimmed or cut down. When he gets out power tools, I cry a little inside, because he cuts and wacks with abandon. It's all green to him. I saved those flags from the dog fence and when he gets that bug up his butt I run in front of him flagging things he cannot kill, volunteers I've been nurturing, or things he's maimed in the past. It's a never ending struggle. I told him he needs some Monet glasses so he just sees the pretty colors, and not the mess.

    Good luck with that compost pile, your garden will surely thank you. xo

    1. One time Mr. Moon ripped out my entire herb bed thinking they were all weeds. "Did you not notice that they were the best smelling weeds you ever pulled?" I asked. I was so fucking mad. I guess I still am.

    2. Oh my you win! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Magnolia reminds me of the laughing Buddha. And why shouldn't she be happy? Surrounded by love in every direction.

    What is deer blind building?

    1. A deer blind is something you sit in in the woods to watch and then shoot deer from. Mr. Moon builds his own. It is a project. You know how men love projects.

    2. Oh, good lord! Yes! My husband is always doing projects. And he calls them projects. He has lists that he keeps. gah!

  5. Right now? Sitting in the kitchen freezing my feet off while the fire burns out in the sitting room because my 9 year old son is afraid to go to sleep with me any further away. I'm a little tired of it, tbh. NINE. Sigh.


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