Sunday, October 9, 2016

Life Is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans

I had thought to have all the grandkids over for pancakes this morning but then Lily texted me that she was sick. Very sick. Fever, aches, chills, couldn't swallow her spit...
We all know what that means.
So I went over to her house and got the children and took Gibson to his other grandmother's so he could play with the darling Lenore and brought Owen and Maggie out here with me and pancakes and bacon were made and eaten and Lily went to the doctor and yes, she has strep.

That girl hasn't had a good day since she turned 31. I swear to god.

Anyway, all is well here in Lloyd where the brother and sister are happy and the day is gorgeous and life unfolds as it will and happy birthday, John Lennon.
I miss you every, every day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You all take such good care of each other!

  2. Wishing Lily a speedy recovery. I miss John so much.

  3. Poor Lily. How to have 3 kids and strep? I'm glad you all are helping her. It's interesting that Gibson would go play with Lenore and not be torn about what was happening with his siblings at Mer's house. So mature! I hope Lily feels better and no one else gets sick.

  4. What A said. I hope Lily feels better soon but first I hope she sleeps and sleeps. And what a beauty little Maggie is!

  5. Strep is awful. You are lucky to have each other so close.

  6. Poor Lily. I imagine her job brings her in contact with all sorts of sickness. I hope the pain passes quickly. Strep is on of the worst.


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