Thursday, October 6, 2016


Well, alone again. Can't stay off the internet, torturing myself with updates on the storm and they're all just stomach-churningly horrible. I have so many friends on the other coast and I worry, I worry, I fret and I worry.
And that does no good.
The interstate which is about half a mile from my house has hummed all day with westward intent. What a time for the truck stop to be closed, eh?
And this just in: Disney World has closed for only the fourth time EVER!

Right now it's still as a held breath in Lloyd, air-wise. I wonder if we'll get winds and rain. Probably. But honestly- we'll be fine.
I just have to stay busy and focused. And spend less time on the internet, of course. Between the politics and the hurricane, it's not doing me much good.
Or any good. Whatsoever.

I think I'll make a spinach and rice casserole because I'll get comfort in the making and in the eating. And tomorrow, if all goes okay, I hope to go to lunch with my babies because we haven't done that ALL WEEK LONG and I miss them.

Here are two pictures Jessie posted last night on FB of August, pretending that a chocolate bar is a cell phone.

Now. If that doesn't cheer me up, then I need to just go jump off a cliff.

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hope you stay safe! That beautiful baby should cheer anyone!

  2. I love the finger placement in the first photo. That child couldn't be any cuter !!!
    May you and all of your friends be safe.

  3. Kids are so funny, how they imitate adults -- even when they don't understand what they're imitating. It's how we all learn, I guess.

    I didn't even KNOW about Hurricane Matthew until yesterday afternoon. I mean, I knew it had hit Haiti, but I didn't know where it was headed next -- and my family lives in Jacksonville! They've evacuated, so they're fine. If I were Mr. Moon I think I'd stay home for the time being. Things must be kind of crazy out there with so many people on the move.

  4. Oh, those eyes! He's a precious little guy.

    Stay safe.

  5. Scary for you. Scared here too friends were at Disney World Maggi x

    1. Thankful you Moons are OK. Haven't heard from our pals at Disney but assume that DW will have it together to deal with it all. Will it USA friends do you know? Hoping. Expect lack of contact due to power issues.

  6. Oh that beautiful boy and his amazing eyes! Adorable!! I've been fretting all night too, thank goodness the winds dropped to Cat 3 and the coastline looks intact. The power outages are going to be a nightmare. My daughter's school evacuated Wednesday from Deland, she stayed closer to the mess in Titusville with her boyfriend's family and so relieved that all are fine, houses and roofs intact, and they have a generator so they will be ok. Now hoping the GA Carolina coast gets a break too, and that restoring power goes quickly.
    It sucks to be alone with worrisome thoughts! Mr. Moon will be back safe and sound before you know it. keep using that grandbaby therapy! xo

  7. stay off the internet. that's what I need to do. it's like looking at a train wreck.

  8. Resisting there urge to type this in all caps...

    Thank you for those pictures!!! So cute.

  9. This morning's headline in the Miami Herald was "Razor thin miss". I hope a bigger miss for you. We were incredibly lucky. Impending doom stress sucks royally.


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