Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blah, blah, blah

Another day as pretty as it can be and I'm just...crazy.

Oh well. What else is new?

Spent about an hour trying to find a repair person to come look at this machine. My neighbor recommended a guy and I called him and he can get here tomorrow. He's a one-man business, I believe, and let's just go with that.

I've had a sort of headache for two days and it feels like there's something sloshy in my head. It's probably sinus or whatever and it's not so bad but it's adding to the general feeling of malaise I have, a sense of not-right and the great problem with anxiety is that you never know if anxiety is causing you to feel not-right or if you're feeling anxious because you're not-right or if you're seriously fine and just anxious, and anxiety, being the deceiver we know it to be is telling you that you're not-right.

There are some fine lines there, I admit but if you've ever experienced anxiety, you know the neighborhood.

Anyway, la-di-dah and I'm going to town to go to Publix and I'm thinking that at this point, the Republican party is like some sort of hideous reduction sauce of all of the worst of the worst who have remained to defend their nominee and by the time it's over, there will be nothing in the pan but some burnt crust of lifeless carbon, the flame underneath still raging.
Perhaps it's nothing more than a purification ritual.
Who knows?
Not me.
I don't know shit.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I can't help but feel grossed out by even the so-called evangelical Christian women who are coming out against Trump. I mean, honestly, where have they been?

    1. Exactly. I just want to slap them all and say, "No shit, Sherlock."

  2. What an apt analogy. Burnt carbon with a dead orangutan butt on his head.....

  3. Sometimes when I am anxious I feel as if I am dying. But I don't say that to anyone. Except now to you. I suspect the anxiety is the source of the not right feeling and yes I know the neighborhood.

    1. It's so scary, isn't it, sweetie? And it's all lies. ALL LIES! We are not dying. What a weird and terrible thing anxiety is.

  4. Like Angella, my anxiety feels like I am dying. Or going to die and spend eternity in hell. So I sit and wait to die. It is so fucking messed up.

    To make myself feel better in this moment I am going to go kill a fly with my electric fly swatter. It has been buzzing around for hours and is making me angry. zzz ZZZZZZ zzzzz Not much longer you little disease spreading fuck.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh god. I am SO grateful that I don't have the fear of hell thing going on. At least I have escaped that. Bless your heart. You are NOT going to hell, Birdie. And if you do- well, I'll save a seat for you at the bar. Because I'll surely be there too. But I have a strong feeling that it's not going to happen.
      Damn fly.

  6. Dead skunk in the middle of the road; Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, anxiety - I saw your comment on Ellen's post and came calling. We have much in common.

    1. Glad you came over to visit. Yeah. All of that. Come hold hands with us here. We're crazy but good.

  7. Yay! I hope the repair guy can fix the machine.

    And yes, I'm all for the purification ritual theory. What happens to the burnt, charred basket of irredeemables, though? That's my question!


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