Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is me in the Panther Room (see the lamp?) with my martini, watching the pre-show for the Academy Awards. I'm sitting on the guest bed which is also known as the place where I change Owen's diapers.
I love this room.
I love having a house which winds and wends for about one and one-half miles through rooms built fifty years or a hundred years after the house was originally made.
Oh god. I do love this house. I've lived here for almost eight years which is the second-longest I've ever lived in any house in my life and it's gone like....whooooossssshhhhht. That fast.
Anyway, I'm here in the Panther Room because there's a TV in here which we crank up about once every six months when Mr. Moon and I both want to watch something on TV and they're not the same thing.
He's watching some game on the TV in the Glen Den which is where the Big TV is and, inspired by Ms. Radish King who wears red sequins and buys fancy cheeses to eat while watching the Academy Awards, I am allowing myself the tacky glory (sorry, Madame King!) of watching Hollywood's royalty walk the red carpet and being asked, "Who are you wearing?"

I wish someone would ask me. I am wearing a red Gap long-sleeved t-shirt and Old Navy overalls with Gap short hoodie. Hoody? God, I have no idea. I got the overalls at an antique store (I am not kidding you) in Thomasville, Georgia and the hoody and shirt may have actually come from the Gap. Or hell, they may have all come from Goodwill. I can't remember shit these days.

Anyway, it's been such a good day. Mr. Moon went with me to the set tear-down and it went real fast and it's been chilly and drizzly all day so I've just puttered about, doing laundry (washing my costumes/clothing) and making soup. Oh. This soup. I sauteed some chunks of deer with garlic in olive oil and added chopped collard and turnip greens from the garden and then canned tomatoes and onions and celery and carrots and left-over black-eyed peas and rice and some deer sausage and potatoes and green beans and potatoes. I added a tiny bit of brown sugar, inspired by Tearful at Plate and Fork although only a few tablespoons, not a cup of it. And yes, ketchup. A little bit. It's still simmering and I can't wait to have a bowl, held in my lap here in the Panther Room.

I've also ironed some flannel soon to be hopefully made into a quilt for the coming-baby (no, I did not get that done before I left for Cozumel) and watered the inside plants.

Antonio and Melanie are on the red carpet right now. Are they like yesterday's Brad and Angelina? Melanie is wearing Yves St. Laurent. Antonio is wearing Georgio Armani.

Oh whoa! J-Low is wearing...hold on...okay, I did not catch that. But she's a goddess. Although I'm not wild about how her breasts are being presented in that dress.

Mr. Moon keeps popping in to see if I need anything.
I tell him, "No, baby, I don't need a thing."

It's one of those days where it's all about the tiny, teeny things. The check-out magazine rack silliness of E! Entertainment network pre-Oscar commentaries. The hair-dos! The Harry Winston jewels! Kelly Osbourne with her dyed gray hair swept over her shoulder. Guiliana What-Ever-Her-Name-Is-Who-Just-Had-A-Double-Mastectomy and that reminds me of a subject I've been meaning to write about about which is breasts and breast cancer and that is NOT a teeny-tiny thing and oh god, NO PUNS INTENDED, FUCK, REALLY, NO! Guiliana looks amazing and more Hollywood glamor than anyone else I've seen on the red carpet and well, it's just been a good day.

Soup. I need soup.

It's been a really good day.

Viola Davis is wearing her real hair and god, I love her for that. I have no idea what it's like being an African American woman and having to deal with all of the cultural stuff that goes along with hair but I swear to god- there is nothing more beautiful than a black woman with her own, real hair.
Talk about goddess.

Okay. Time for the show.

See you tomorrow! I swear you will.


  1. I'm wearing pajama pants from Goodwill and a Who t-shirt, also from Goodwill while watching the Oscars. And eating snickerdoodles.

    Kelly Osbourne's hair is apparently lavender (why? why?) and some friends of mine swore they saw J-Lo's nipple in that dress (but I totally missed her dress.)

  2. I like hearing about the house. It is such a great place. I saw some neat places today too.

  3. I hope to god we will!
    Tomorrow is Monday and I can not imagine starting my week without you!

  4. The Panther Room. If you ever open a night club, call it that.

  5. Denise- Yeah- IF I ever open a night club. Don't hold your breath.


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