Monday, February 20, 2012

There's Shit And Then There's SHIT

I'm so mind-boggled over the Republican candidates for president and how absolutely ridiculous they all are that I don't even think they're worth talking about. Which of course is not going to stop me.

The world as we know it is in flux and change and countries, entire COUNTRIES are going down the tubes and we here in the US are having problems that are so deep and to the bone that it's going to take years to straighten them out if that's even possible and yet, all the Republican candidates seem to be focusing on is how fucking truly, deeply, severely conservative they are and how their religion is the right one, the true one.

Bite my ass.

Meanwhile, women are being told what they can and cannot do with their uteri BY MEN and everyone's just like, uh...let's not piss off the Catholic Church.
When that bishop or whoever he was said that trash about how NEVER in history has the government forced people to pay for something they did not morally believe in, all I could think about was- how about all of us folks who don't believe in warfare? Do our taxes get put in a separate account to only pay for roads and education?
Fuck no.

People are sheep. People are stupid.
There. I said it.

Probably me too. But at least I try to think through things. Which is painful.

I just don't get it, I don't want to get it, I don't think it's possible to get it. I think the only explanation for what's going on politically here in the US is that yes, I repeat, people are stupid and people are sheep.

Meanwhile, I forgot that Valentine's Day was the day to plant peas and potatoes.

Peas and potatoes are real. So is chicken shit and also chicken eggs.

So is the fact that people who have penises shouldn't be able to tell the people who have a uterus what they can and cannot do with that uterus or the contents thereof. Hell, I HAVE a uterus and I am under no delusions about the fact that anyone else's is not my business. I know what it takes to bear and raise a child. I would never force anyone to do that who didn't really want to. In fact, I'd encourage anyone who isn't really sure they want to have children not to have them.

Here's the thing- we seem to think, in this country, that if you have a shit-pile of money or can collect a shit-pile of money, then you deserve to be president and tell other people what to do.
That's just the fact, Jack.
You can be a raging asshole who doesn't know a damn thing except what the Bible says (or what you interpret the Bible to say) but if you can afford to run for office and buy really nice suits and have hair that can be combed into a helmet-like configuration, you're GOLD. You're qualified, you're taken seriously.


Well, fuck it. Fuck THEM, the Santorums, the Gingriches, the Romneys. Fuck them and their white-men hair and their penises and their money and their PACS and their Bibles (or Books of Mormon) and their holy proclamations and their adoring wives (with their own helmet hair) and their sheep-like stupid followers who wouldn't know logic if it bit them in the ass and who are supporting the very people who care about them and their families the very least.

I give up.

I need to plant peas and potatoes. I need to clean up chicken shit. I don't have time for the great steaming piles of horseshit (and I apologize to horses here) the Republicans are dumping all over the country in their bids for president.

God. It's a beautiful day here in Lloyd. My husband is coming home. I am going to go take a walk. I'm going to ignore this whole stupid political game of fuckery and vote for Obama on election day. And mind my own business which I am barely capable of taking care of. Which I freely admit.

Why anyone would want to run for president is beyond me anyway. Well, except for the fact that if you're president you probably don't have to scrub your own toilet.

Which is also something I need to do.

Is there a shit-theme here? I believe there may be. Which reminds me of a product Lily and I saw at the CVS last week. It was called something like Ick Stick and you put it up to your nose when you know that a bad smell has been produced and you are trying to prevent it from reaching your olfactory sense.

I'll just leave you with that one and I won't say anything crude like how it would save a lot of time if they just stuck a few thousand of those things up certain helmet-haired men's asses. And a few million in their mouths.

Happy Monday, y'all!

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. There are some shit-filled Democrats too. I am not denying that. It's just that the Republicans are so good right now at pissing me off that I'm concentrating on them. Their big old helmet-heads are taking up all the room in the picture.
Plus- I have huge crushes on Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
I may be a sheep but at least I may be a black sheep.
Okay. That's all.
Yours truly. I mean it.

Yes. Bill Clinton has helmet hair but he hangs out with cool people who do not.


  1. You go girl! Just don't even think of holding back. Love you.

  2. Jan- Me? Hold back?! The crazy thing is that of course, I do. Sometimes.
    Love you, too.

  3. i can't read or watch any of it for fear of my head exploding all over the good thing? most intelligent women will be voting obama...did you hear him sing al green??? swoon...that, and brains too...AND a beautiful, smart wife and could you NOT like him? santorum won here in MN so i have to watch it all over the local news too...blech

  4. Ms Moon, I hope you do not take offense at my comment, as there is none intended. Although not Catholic myself, I have worked at a Catholic hospital for over 34 years. They do every kind of procedure as any other hospital--except abortions. They make this clear, and most people have many options to go to another hospital. In fact, Catholic hospitals make up only 12% of the US hospital system, so there are plenty of choices. What the bishop was saying (I think, I didn't hear him) is that the government should not mandate what faith based hospital have to do.
    The hospital is non profit and gives millions in charity care every year. It's public record, the government requires them to post their *non profit* ness.

    I have no opinion on the politics (at least not here..LOL), just wanted to say some people are not comfortable in a hospital with nuns walking around, but some people are. Why not let everyone take their pick?

  5. Ms. Moon, you restore my faith in the human race, if not the presidential one! i love that you speak out. sometimes i watch the shit going down and i wonder, can no one see what is happening here, does no one hear what they are really SAYING? but someone does, dammit. you give me hope.

  6. I am so glad that you wrote this post, as I've been itching to say the very same things and then I restrain myself and why is that so good?

    And now here's an answer to commenter Lou: I think what's really absurd about the whole birth control thing is that the religious community, with the Catholics, as always at the helm, are USING the ideals of religious freedom and liberty to push forward their agenda to dismantle the human right to govern one's own body and sexuality. I think their argument is specious and completely disingenuous. They should just come right out and say what they believe: If you take birth control or get an abortion, you are a sinner, damned to hell. That would be an honest way to address the problem. It appears that they've spent more time arguing about all of this than they ever did making penance for the pedophile scandal.

  7. I support what women want to do with their bodies. I have no Republican ideologies. I think that the Catholic church is severely outdated in its philosophy because about 98% of women do use birth control. Population growth is a huge problem on the Earth. Perhaps back in history, having large numbers of children was a good thing. It doesn't make much sense anymore. But if people want to do that, it is there business. I don't want to have anyone telling another how many children to have or not to have. Keep religion out of politics and have common sense about the planet.

  8. Jean- I posted that video of Obama singing Al Green. Uh-huh. Can't help but love him and how he got elected is a mystery to me because he's smart and he's qualified. Which sort of eliminates you in politics these days.

    Lou- Good lord! I was not denigrating Catholic health care. Nor the Catholic religion. Well, any more than I denigrate any religion. I was just pointing out that many of us pay for many things we do not believe in and do not support. Except that we do, with our tax dollars. That's they way it is. I don't have a Religion to back up my stance against warfare so I can't claim that particular clause. And to tell you the truth, the nuns who run those hospitals are probably poor as the people they treat but you can darn well believe that there are people up the chain, all the way to Rome and Wall Street, who are somehow profiting. Do a little googling on the subject. I did and even discovered that in some areas, the Catholic healthcare system has shouldered out all others and forces their physicians to practice under Catholic religious guidelines instead of under what would be best practice for their patients. Yes, ideally we all have a choice but in reality, whether it be when paying taxes or in getting healthcare, we do not. And just because non-profits cannot claim a profit, it doesn't stop them from accruing "surpluses" which somehow find their way into the pockets of the upper echelon.
    Look- I think nuns get screwed royally by the Church every day. I don't have anything against nuns whatsoever. I think most of them are probably very sincere and devout women who have chosen a life of service and I also think that they bear the brunt of the real work done by the church and get none of the money, none of the glory, and are NEVER going to be allowed to be anything but nuns. Because they're women. The Popes will fight women in the priesthood with every breath in their body and have historically fought any rights that women might have to control their own bodies.
    Sorry. You got me started.
    Yes. We should all have a choice. But the bottom line to me is- the church doesn't want you to have one. If you're a woman. And no one is forcing anyone to be Catholic and no one is forcing anyone to use birth control. And I think that Obama came up with a very satisfactory compromise for this particular problem which protects the Church's beliefs and yet provides the women who want it, insurance-covered birth control.

    Angella- Why don't we all just stand up and say, "Dude! This Emperor has no clothes on!"?
    I don't understand it.

  9. Elizabeth- While I was answering Lou's comment (and she certainly has the right to HER feelings on this matter) your comment came in.
    Amen, sister. Amen.

    Syd- And amen, brother. Could we all just have a little SENSE?

  10. It seems we're all black sheep here, and very grateful that you speak our thoughts so clearly.

    I do love an early Monday morning Ms. Moon rant - you nail it every time!

    Keith and Bill together - whoa, look at that wild grey hair on Keith, great pic. - as is your new header pic. of your altar. Meant to say that the other day. It's a lovely picture, so intimate. Just wonderful and so you!

  11. Sometimes you just got to unpack. Nothing like a good unpacking from Sister Moon!

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  13. Ah, have said it all perfectly. Every word, exactly right. My feelings expressed in your inimitable, gorgeous prose/rant style.

    Thank you thank you, thank you for every syllable and comma of the above. I am so upset I couldn't possible write about it, but I will join you any time you want to fling shit at those unspeakable dumbshits. Oh, shit, piss, fuck......what will become of us?

  14. as I said in a recent post, all the blather about religious freedom is poppycock! A smoke screen. The GOP agenda has taken yet another hard turn to the right. I hope it burns their collective ass in the upcoming election.

  15. Woohoo!!! I'm sending a link to this post to my sisters and friends.

    And since I live in a state that elected Governor Hair (Rick Perry) not once but THREE TIMES, I'm entitled to say that I agree with you. We have a plummet-to-the-center-of-the-earth dearth of critical thinking in our electorate. But of course, anyone who followed the political fortunes of George Bush knew that...

  16. liv- Can't hate a former president who hangs out with Keith Richards and does Good Things. I'm glad you like the pictures.

    gradydoctor- Unpack is right.

    Jo- So I'm not the only one?

    Lo- If one of these complete assholes somehow gets elected, I don't even know. Let us pray and do everything in our power that it does not come to that.

    Taradharma- My faith in the common sense of the American people is waning quickly. I swear. We're a bunch of complete idiots.

    Tamara- That's what she said.

    Kathleen Scott- Texas has its problems. So does Florida. Believe me, sister.

  17. No really, Bill and our Keith? I effing LOVE it.

    XXXXX Beth

  18. Ms Moon, I should have included the caption that twitter post I saw came with - THE IRONY. IT BURNS!

  19. It's Spring here already and I'm trying to focus on planning my garden, while inside I'm screaming at the stupidity of people listening to rich men who tell them what god thinks.


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