Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Which I Go To Church And Get New Glasses. Plus, Other Things

Man. It turned out to be quite a day.
So yeah, I took my walk and I took my phone with me so I could take pictures if I wanted and I did want to and here's a church:

It's a small, local church, just a few blocks from my house and yeah, no big deal except...
Here's the exterior:

How precious is that? See that building in the background? That used to be the church and then it was remade as a duplex and even though I saw the whole project from start to finish, I'm still not sure how it was done but anyway, they built a tiny replica of the old church and that's it. I had no idea the inside was fitted out with pews and an altar. It blew my mind.

Here's the door. I love the door.

And those teeny-tiny steps.
It's a church for faithful fairies! And they even have steps! And a bell!
Lloyd. I am constantly surprised.

So anyway, after the walk Kathleen came by for a short visit and then Freddy called and I met him in town for coffee and he caught me up on all of his BIG doin's and I just so enjoyed that. He's doing really, really well and working his tail off and I'm as proud of him as I could be.

I was right across the road from where I'd ordered my glasses and so I called, just to see if they were in and yes! they were! so I went and got them and I think I can see pretty well out of them. I'm not sure how in love I am with the way they look but hell, it's a change.
And they're red.

I think they're maybe too big on my face but what the hell? My old ones were too small. Life will go on.

And by the time I'd gone to the library and the grocery store and gotten home it was almost time to cook dinner and then I did and we ate it and now I'm in a rousing game of Words With Friends with Lily and I saw her today and she looks fabulous and her due date is less than two weeks away and every day we all grow more excited. We're going to meet this new baby soon! A brand new person will be here on this earth and we are going to love that baby so much. Golly. I'm just as stunned to believe this as I was when it was Owen we were expecting. I guess that's what you call a miracle or something.

Tomorrow I'll go to town to take care of Owen and he and I are going to lunch with Uncle Hank and that'll be lovely. My boys! Perhaps we can even talk Bop into joining us. We'll see.

And to top it all off- the sun came out today! It finally cleared, late this afternoon and I could feel my heart beating to a little bit of a more cheerful rhythm and although I am SO VERY grateful for all the sweet rain we've gotten, I am glad to know that the sun is still there.

Now. If you've gotten this far and haven't read the post right below this, please go there and click on the link and vote for the inclusion of the All American Redheads, the nation's first professional women's basketball team, into the Basketball Hall of Fame. And watch the video.

I mean it.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. In case you feel that this is all just too damn cheerful and sort of makes you want to barf, consider this: My dogs are still alive.
That is all I am going to say about that but believe me- that fact balances out some of the sparkle, shine, and apple-red joy of everything else. Sort of.


  1. That church is adorable! Funny, my blog today was about a little white church, but after reading your blog, I need to redefine "little." :)

  2. like your specs...enjoyed your day

  3. The new glasses are hip. And that church--well, I guess you have to like a church for tiny munchkins.

  4. They look fabulous. Red with blue eyes..fabulous!

  5. I love your glasses, lady.
    And your sparkle.

  6. I love that teeny tiney church -- Oliver is especially enamored of miniature things, so I can't wait to show him. He'll want one in our backyard.

    And you look good in the glasses -- at least what I can tell. I have literally not liked a single pair of glasses that I've picked out and worn in the forty years that I've been wearing them.

  7. And what's so wrong with sparkle and shine anyway? :-)

    Thanks again for those beautiful eggs. Harley will make me save the blue ones for last.

    Marc just left on his journey westward. I'm so excited and conflicted.... yikes!

    shine on,

  8. I love the mini-church. People do some quirky things don't they?

    And we do so love babies. If only adults were as easy to love.

    And I like your glasses. You are brave to get red but I think you can carry them just fine.

  9. Oh, I enjoy a happy post. No barfing over here! Sweet church, sweet glasses, sweet feeling of a baby-almost-here.

  10. Reminds me of a tiny church outside Naples, Italy, in a farmer's hayfield. It had four pews, the altar, and was so tiny and cute. We had our service gathered outside of it, we were too many to fit in there.

    Glad you got the new glasses, and i hope you enjoy the time with Owen.


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