Monday, February 27, 2012

More Oscar Commentary And Trash

Well, I stayed up until eleven-thirty and I wish I hadn't.
Oh well.
It's been drizzling here for about four months. Okay. A few days. Hard to get excited about spring when it's chilly and raining and I think the azaleas are not going to bloom at all due to that hard freeze we got when they were budding up.
Oh, who cares?
Do you? No.
My poor chickens. They're standing in the coop wondering what in hell?
I need to take the trash and recycle. I'm not going to do it in the rain. No way. Owen will be here soon. This is exciting, isn't it?
No. It is not. It is not exciting. It is raining and gray and chilly and the trash overfloweth.

Okay. Let me ask you this. What in hell is going on with Angelina?

She kept sticking that leg out of her dress last night which I am wondering if she did in order to distract us from the stick-form shapes of her arms. Bless her heart! BABY! Eat something! All joking aside, she looked very, very unhealthy to me. I'm just gonna say it- I think she's on drugs. Something ain't right there. And I am NOT judging. Who in this world can maintain that sort of career, that many children (even with all the nannies in the world) and a marriage AND keep her sanity? Boy, I sure couldn't. Not even WITH drugs. Hell, I can't keep my sanity for more than an hour or two at a time. But I sure don't forget to eat.

That's my Oscar commentary. Okay, that and...was there some sort of secret competition to see who could mention Martin Scorsese the most often? Every fifteen seconds someone was mentioning him and then quick! shot to the audience!

To Martin! Who has inspired EVERYONE!

Well, they're movie stars and I'm not. Their minds work in ways that mine never will.
Don't we love them? Did I actually see someone say that her dress was made from cruelty-free silk spun from humanely treated silkworms?

I think so. God. Now I should worry that silk worms are being treated inhumanely?
And I thought it was enough that I don't hit my dogs.

Okay. Enough.

I have to take that trash, raining or not.

And eat.

Happy Monday.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I did not stay up, not doable in Europe, but I do agree on Angelina's figure. She is plain ugly... Stick is overrated... What on earth are these girls thinking? Less is more? Her hubby probably has to wear pads to not hurt himself when they perform the ritual...
    Sad for me to hardly recognize anyone... I used to know all the names that had to be known, now I am thinking who is this? Who's that?

  2. I loved Angelina last night. I think she was playing a role and having fun with the leg thing. I assumed it was rehearsed that way since there was a corresponding drum beat each time she stomped her leg out there. She didn't seem to be on drugs to me as you could tell she was nervous when announcing the award. The skinny thing is just what much of Hollywood is doing right now. It's fashion. God knows I could use some.
    And, the kiss ass thing with Scorsese? I wondered about that also and assumed it was just the thing people do everywhere when they want to be noticed by powerful people. I'd see it every day when I was working.

  3. Every time I go to your blog, there is talking like a script. Is it you? Who is it?

  4. Angelina is gorgeous but I agree, getting a tad to thin. And that Scorcese thing is a drinking game. Everytime you hear his name you have to take a big swig of whatever (alcoholic) drink you are drinking.

  5. @Kathleen - too funny!

    For the first time in years I didn't watch...having dinner with my folks and they were not 'into it.'

    Angie has been too skinny for years. Have you ever walked around (make that drive around) L.A.? Women are freakishly skinny. Watching them order at a restaurant is a hoot. Lots of water, green salad with lemon wedge - no dressing. That's dinner. Frick. You could make that at home. WTF?

  6. It's all the talk this morning... the legs. No, she didn't look healthy to me either. But not eating and looking like that has been the rage for a long, long time now.

    If she had two legs sticking out of her dress, this is what it would look like:

  7. I never watch the Oscars. don't care who's in the running or who wins. as for Angelina and her dress, why have a dress cut up to you vajayjay if you're not gonna be sticking your leg out all the time.

  8. I didn't watch any of it. Don't care--well, I do like Streep as an actress. From your photos, it looks pathetic with the leg sticking out. I wonder why she didn't just stand normally without trying so hard. Far more class that way. She is very thin, but then so many people are overweight today. I would rather look at people who have a healthy weight, but thin is more attractive to me than obese.

  9. The video posted below is starting automatically when you land on hte page, Beth. Just mute it.

  10. Yeah, that leg drove me nuts. Enjoy your rain just a little bit, we've been as dry as a bone here in Sacramento.

  11. I thought about that leg and her skinny arms, too. She has a huge head and is drop-dead gorgeous, though. I didn't like Brad's hair. Ew.

    I thought it was a big bore last night.

  12. Doesn't Angelina know that she would look much, much better if she gained 30 pounds? (She'd still have a healthy BMI). I don't care for her as an actress all that often, but she has truly beautiful bone structure--it just shouldn't be that near to the skin. Look at her in Taking Lives and look at her in last night's black dress. There's no question that you can be too thin.

  13. Photocat- I think she is still a beautiful woman. Just too thin.

    RubyeJack- Maybe so. If it WAS a joke, they should have made it more clear. It seemed just odd. Now I think the Scorsese thing became a drinking game.

    Beth- I removed the video. It was annoying.

    Kathleen B.- I agree on both.

    Taradharma- Maybe at least if you go out and eat your salad it's got some element of fun in it.

    Nicol- That was frightening.

    Ellen Abbott- It was a beautiful gown. I guess she was getting her money's worth out of it.

    Syd- Well, neither one is extremely healthy. Culture plays a big role in how we view bodies, don't you think?

    SJ- I just took it out.

    Tamara- I'm SO glad for the rain. I just miss the sun and that's not gonna kill me.

    Elizabeth- I can't help it. I love Brad no matter what his hair looks like. I swear, I think he knows that if he really groomed himself, his beauty would make the planet explode. But that's just me.

    Denise- I don't THINK it was a joke.

    Pamela- Every time I see her I think- Jesus, she can't get any skinnier. And then she does. She is disappearing.


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