Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Founding Fathers and Jimmy Buffet

Dang! I slept late! I changed out the clock in my room because mine was so old and so lightweight that it kept falling off the bedside table at three a.m. so I put one in that I found upstairs but you can't see the numbers on it (or at least I can't) so I have no idea what time it is all night. I COULD switch it out again for the clock in the Panther Room but that thing is so bright (even on the lowest setting) and the numbers so big that you could see what time it was from Mars and I hate having light in the room when I sleep. You could read from the light cast from that thing. Truly. I have done just that before.

So anyway, I woke up (and thank god!) from a dream wherein I was about to have to speak about the Fifth Amendment at some Official Gathering and I don't know SQUAT about the Fifth Amendment, not really, and besides that there was a boat ride and sexy times with my husband and then all of these school children kept getting on the boat...oh well. Let me just say it was a relief to wake up but then I discovered I was late and I have to get to town to take care of my boy and so forth and man! I missed the Jimmy Buffet concert last night and don't laugh. I mean it. I LOVE Jimmy Buffet. He saved my life one summer. Well, him and the beach. Hey! I told you- DON'T LAUGH! Okay, go ahead and laugh but it's true. And last night I found this picture on the Facebook:

Which is Billy and some mermaids and HE was at the Jimmy Buffet concert with his wife and as Hank said in a comment to Billy under this picture: Man, how'd you take a picture of your dream?

Well, I'm sure that Jimmy put some healing on the faithful of Tallahassee last night but I wasn't there.

I'm not at the beach either. I'm in Lloyd and it's foggy as hell and I need to get my ass in gear and get to town. Hank- I have a cooler for you. And the keys. Hank IS going to the beach this weekend, Dog Island to be exact, and I'm taking him the necessaries for that trip, specifically the cooler and the keys and I'm glad he's going. I think Billy is too but I'm not sure. I hope so.

So that's me. Running late. Feeling like I have some alien on my face because new glasses will do that to you. I felt like an old woman this morning, going out to feed the cats, let out the chickens and get the newspaper. Like a little old woman who wants to wear the same glasses for forty years because she hates change.

Well, I do hate change mostly but life is all about it so if I can't embrace it, I might as well at least try to go with the flow or some other sort of bullshit thing.

I'd like to end this with some profound Buffet-ism but all I can think of at this second is "Let's get drunk and screw," which is probably not appropriate but hell, when did I begin to think I should be appropriate?

And one more thing. Mr. Moon fixed my table! He even put casters (castors?) on the legs so that it will roll and be the proper height. He is my hero!

In the past few days he's also brought me roses and driven all the way to Monticello to buy potatoes to plant.
No wonder I was having dream-time sexy-time with him.

I love that man.

Hey Honey- why don't we get drunk and...?

You know.

I love you. And you know that too.

I think the Fifth Amendment may cover some of this post. I sure hope so.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Casters! What a great idea! - I am about to get a table much like yours from my mother. Maybe I should put casters on it.

  2. Boats, islands, coolers, sex, roses, and Jimmy Buffet....sounds like you're headed for Margaritaville! I'll fire up the blender. Salt or no salt?

  3. Jeannie- Well it originally had them.

    Denise- As I say in Mexico,"Sin sal, por favor."

  4. I spent the morning texting with Liberian Supreme Court justices trying to convince them it's not ok to throw a journalist in prison for saying something they don't like. We have some due process issues which means ... you are dreaming my life??

  5. Oh, your dining room is so pretty and shiny, love it!

    But that picture cracked me up - it looks like 2 women with one jinormous set of boobs - hysterical!

  6. Sounds like a great life to wake up to.

  7. Screwing a drunk really isn't much fun and being drunk and screwing someone who isn't is not fun either. Just sayin'. But I do espouse Jimmy's idea of not going to church, not cutting my hair and not wearing underwear. Yeah baby!

  8. I used to live on a boat in the islands where JB used to hang out and write a lot of his songs. After marrying a handsome gentle local rastafarian and having a child I dragged said rasta to The Big Ilon, North America, and our son ended up going to school with JB's daughter He played a lovely surprise concert for graduation. You can see some of it here:


    PS I love your home.
    PPS I am not sure Im not a robot.


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