Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is It Just Me

Or are any of you also getting e-mails from people who offer to do you the favor of writing a guest post on your blog in exchange for putting a link to their websites on them?
And they're all like worded the same, even though the websites are seemingly valid and all different.

Then today I got an e-mail from a woman who survived a terrible illness and wanted to guest post on my blog to "reach out" to people whom she could help and inspire.
Again, she seems to have a valid website and appears to be real but what is going on?

I think anyone who reads here would understand that NOT HAVING ENOUGH TO SAY ON MY OWN is not my problem. And it's not like I have thousands and thousands of readers.
I have just the perfect number of them and we are a family here or at least a community and NO, I DO NOT WANT TO LINK YOUR WEBSITE, I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH GOOD YOU ARE DOING IN THIS WORLD AND IF I DO, I'LL LET YOU KNOW.

Okay. Thanks. That's all.


  1. Well , apparently in order to be a have a platform to get a book contract or whatever, besides having a 'big' blog, fb page , etc, guest posts are the thing.

    I am not sold on that/this.

    So take it as a compliment , but do what pleases you.

  2. Hi Ms. Moon
    I get a lot of those on my blog, all worded in same way, but they are filtered as spam thanks to my wordpress system, so in my ordinary mailbox I only get serious messages from people enjoying life in overalls with grandkids and other good things in life:). hope you can get a kind of spam filter for those irritating mails

  3. I've yet to get those on my blog, though I have to say it's because yours is so well written and just so damn cool.

  4. I'm thinking these spammers could spend the same amount of energy starting their own blog. The barriers to entry are pretty low, because I figured it out. Glad you took the stance you did. We come here for you, you, YOU!!

  5. Don't want to be a party pooper but they could be phishing. Do not reply to them, do not link to them, toss their emails if possible without opening (I know, hard to see what they are before you open them, but hey, after a while it's possible that you know them if your reader can give you some lines of preview... There are a lot of people out there who are scammers and are decieving people. It's your blog and I don't want to read guest posters... I like what you do now and then is telling us about someone and then give us the possibility to find their site. That is more then enough for me personally. That way you and us are having a little bit of control...

  6. Haven't had that happen yet. In fact, I posted in a forum to let someone guest blog and I couldn't even get a guest blogger. Shit, what does that say about me? HA! I'm tossing this in with my catch-all "the internet can be a weird place."

    Glad you don't let the guest bloggers loose! Like Mel said, we come here for you. :)

  7. Geez, I can 't even get it together enough to write on my own blog. Why would I want to write on someone else's blog. Or, come to think of it, maybe it'd be easier to write on someone else's blog and then no one would know how seriously I really am losing it!

  8. I'm guessing they want your readers to be their readers but meanwhile,they aren't at all interested in being part of your community. It is likely there is some how to list out there that recommends this as a method to gain readers. Ignore!

  9. I got four book contracts by having a tiny blog full of fucked up weirdness and occasional literary writing. And I do not and did not have near as many readers as you have. I have written a couple guest posts for mostly lit blogs but there never was a trade back. Never. It sounds underhanded to me but then I'm paranoid and choosy about the blogs I connect to.

  10. I agree, all those mails with the same wording sounds like a phishing scheme. Don't Do It!

    Checking in from Vietnam to my little blogging community. Gotta' be quick as I haven't charged up the 'puter (as the Corn Tiger would say).

    Hugs from Ho Chi Minh City. x0 N2

    PS The glasses look FABulous. Definitely keepers. You too =o).

  11. Deb- I wouldn't even consider it.

    Niels- I read them and delete them. No big deal.

    Mr. Mischief- I use the word "fuck" way too often for any of these people to be serious. But thank-you.

    Mel- You made me laugh. These people DO have websites. Weird.

    Photocat- I just don't know what they'd be phishing for except one more opportunity to get their website linked.

    Tamara- I asked someone to guest blog once and he refused. Ha! So don't feel bad.

    Rubye Jack- I worry about you, Woman. Of course I do. These people just want their ad-carrying sites linked, I think.

    Jeannie- Yes. I think so.

    Madame King- Well, you're an amazing writer so there you go. But in this case, I do not think it would be paranoid to be suspicious. I think it would be justified.

    N2- Glad you like the glasses! Enjoy Viet Nam. I hear it is gorgeous.

  12. Yes, I am getting them too. It actually really pisses me off. I write about grief and the comments or emails say things like "this is s a great post!".

  13. Lord.. . what happened to the sentence structure in my comment?
    I thought some of my spam was nonsense.:)


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