Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Friend Harvey Sent Me This.

Thank-you, Harvey.


  1. Yes.
    I feel ground down.

    How did she write such a long statement in your hand?

  2. Damn. She hit the nail on the head, eh?

    I have been wondering lately about how many psychopaths are in politics or are heads of major corporations?

  3. Magnum- I think she had a friend with a very large palm.

    Birdie- When GW was president, I kept thinking that no one vets these guys for sanity. You know? Got enough money and the right hair and you TOO can run for president.

  4. Maybe this is just the State of the Union and Humans.



  5. The trouble with money and power is that once you have some, you want to keep it all to yourself. You believe that because you have it, you deserve it and those who don't have it, don't deserve it, therefore, you are entitled to keep it from them. When you do give "generously", it is controlled giving, with strings and usually because it's a tax write off.

    By you I mean me and us and them and maybe even you but I'm not pointing fingers.

  6. Astounding -- especially given her disabilities, no?

  7. She was amazing. And right on.


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