Friday, February 10, 2012

He Said It. I Believe It.

I saw that on Facebook last night. Go ahead. Click it. Harsh, right? And no, I do not love his use of "your shitty kid," or "your ugly child," but the message is valid and is resounding in my heart.

Then today, I read an article in the New Yorker. The Story of a Suicide by Ian Parker and what it all boiled down to for me was not that one kid web-cammed another in a dorm room with a guy of the same sex, but that the idea of gay sex is still a thing of such prurient interest that no one stepped up and protested the action and reported it.

And in my mind, if we could all just adopt Louis CK's message and make it clear to our kids that being gay and in love is no weirder than being not-gay and in love, then maybe kids wouldn't find it necessary to jump off bridges to their death because of their gayness.

That it is no more acceptable to call someone gay as an insult than it is to call someone nigger.
And that it is no more right to deny gay humans the right to marriage than it was to deny black humans the right to eat in restaurants with white humans. And it's just as absurd.

And that to not take the time to discuss that with our kids is also wrong. And leads to things like suicide.

Yeah. Really.

It does.


  1. Susan used to say that there are people who "get it" and those that do not. She was not referring to this subject in particular as much as just life in general and "live and let live" I suppose.

    It's heartbreaking, because it seems like the polarization has reached epic proportions.

    It makes me want to hide under the covers. sigh.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Tell it like it is Sister!
    You rock Mary.

  3. It's LOVE
    And if God is LOVE
    What on earth can they be thinking trying to disparage anyone who gets a taste of that miracle?

    LOVE and let LOVE, that's what I say.

  4. Preach, sista. Discrimination is discrimination. There are folks who really thought we had TAILS and special diseases-- like animals.

    Okay. I'm black and of Christian faith. I know that Jesus was big on love and acceptance. Hello?? You know?upon arrival, I think He's going to be like, "Wait, whaaaat?!? I just wanted y'all goofballs to feed those hungry kids and take care of the elders. Mad at homosexuals? Ugghhh. That's sooo old testament, people--even if it came up again in the new one. Do better, y'all. I'll be back."


  5. Can I just say-Washington State just passed a gay marriage bill and I'm here in Dixie to marry two lovely ladies, one of whom is pregnant. And we had the rehearsal dinner just now and it was wonderful fun, a great deal of laughing and I was the only white lady in the room.

    We never once thought about ruining anyone's straight marriage or getting married to our dogs.

    It's love and that is all it is. And family. Real honest-to-gawd family.

  6. I honestly believe that a lot of humans have to direct their hate towards another group of people. If they don't, then they will see how ugly they really are and they can't live with that. Right now a lot of hate is geared toward Muslims and gays. It is just so wrong that people can not accept each other because we all are human beings. Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color.

  7. Angella- Thanks, baby.

    Ms. Fleur- I'm just grateful to CK for saying it.

    Rubye Jack- Let's get this damn thing DONE and over with and let's let everyone get on with their lives. That's how I feel about it.

    Liv- Exactly. Love is love and it is a part of godliness. Period. The end.

    Mel's Way- No. Thank YOU.

    gradydoctor- Yep. We are supposed to love one another. That is what Jesus said. But I gotta ask you- where in the New Testament did homosexuality come up and if it was Paul, never mind. He was a bitter dude in my opinion.

    Beth Coyote- Ha! That is great! I've hitched a few gay couples in my life and it's always been a joy. And guess what? They're all still married!

    Mr. Shife- Absolutely. I do wash my whites separately. Beyond that, I try very hard not to discriminate.

  8. I love Louis CK -- it's people like him that get the conversation going, I think -- so very necessary. He's a shouter, and I think the shouters have their place. You know -- out here in Los Angeles (in my hood, that is) we have so many gay couples raising childen that my own two sons literally don't bat an eye at it. I love that so much -- and am aware that it's a privilege, too. What is actually more difficult to me is explaining why others are not tolerant --

  9. I believe in live and let live for all people and animals. I don't understand the fear of the anti-gay assholes. Does it touch too close to their own feminine side? The religious right totally creeps me out.


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