Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just A Day

Of course the downside of not being in a play is that my life has once again returned to completely and utterly boring instead of just mostly and seriously boring.
Ask me if I care.

Let's see. The train is going by. I just filled up the chicken-waterer. The chickens were making so much noise in that hen house that I figured someone had laid either a golden egg or one weighing in excess of a pound but when I went to check, I found no eggs at all.
Girls, girls! Let's lay off the drama and get back to work!
Elvis obviously prefers Miss Ozzie to all of the other hens. Her back is looking a bit raggedy where he catches on to her and then perches while he...has his way with her. Now what is it about Ozzie that makes her his favorite sister wife? She's such an odd looking bird. More bird than chicken, really, with that long neck of hers. And she's drab. Just plain old drab.
Well, I do not have rooster goggles so it makes no sense to me.

So back to the train- they're talking about bringing the Amtrak back to Tallahassee and wouldn't that be awesome? I could stand in my back yard, surrounded by my chickens wearing an apron and sun bonnet and wave in a friendly manner at the folks in the passenger cars when they went by. Or, I could wear that slip, drink gin and curse at them when they went by. It could be like performance art that I do everyday. Wouldn't that be AWESOME?
People would say, "Did you SEE that?" And then someone would nod and say, "Wow. Like stepping back in time."

Well, it is painfully apparent that I have no actual thoughts today, nothing of importance to pass on. No babies have been born, no dogs have died. I'm fine with that. I think I'll take a walk and maybe go to the library and then get in the dirt and transplant some stuff and then, oh, you know, make supper and go to bed.

It's a day where I don't feel any reservoirs of anger or sadness or sense of hopelessness. More just a day of feeling that this is life. And now I've just gone and read our dear Gradydoctor's post today about her mother's sixty-fifth birthday and I'm crying a little bit for more than one reason and just damn glad to have this day, to have this life and there's nothing more I need to say about it.

It's just the truth and that may be boring but it's more than good enough for me.


  1. I wish I could come be in your Panther room - I am sick, sick. I think I have pneumonia.

  2. SJ- Oh honey! Have you been to a doctor?

  3. No...not yet. Hard to leave the house at this point. I'll go though.

  4. Hugging you this morning. Thank you for being you.

    You know I thought of you when writing about that this morning, right? I cried and cried and something told me you would, too.

  5. We could get the whole stage company and a few extra people into costumes and wave to the trains in character (any character). Even if we never saw the reaction, I'd think it would be worth it.

  6. Mrs. Moon I have been enjoying your blog for about 8mo. and love it. I just finished a book called Live Your Dash. The dash is on your head stone birth-death. It sure helped me understand this aging thing we are going thru.Let me know what you think. Deb

  7. Your performance art would be a privilege to see from a train.

    As for Ozzie, a native Chief once noted that it's good we don't all see alike, because then "everyone would want my squaw."

  8. I'm having one of those days when I don't have much to say either. Just content and peaceful. And a head full of no drama.


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