Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If The Ruby Ring Didn't Fit, Here's Another Valentine

Oh wait! This one's for me! I'm so silly.

Our beloved Sarcastic Bastard sent it to me today. I think it's about my favorite picture in the world. That doesn't have a personal family member in it.
So here it is.
A library. With Keith Richards. Playing guitar. In bare feet.
I know you've missed him. So here he is.

Just for you. Okay, really for me. But we can all share. I'm nice like that.


  1. pure awesome. I could do with a room like that.

  2. I don't know about the room but look at those perfect bare feet.

  3. A man with a guitar works for me every time....

  4. It is a terrific photo, Ms Moon. Thanks for sharing, as we say in blogland.

  5. Books and gorgeous bare feet....on Keith Richards (of whom you have me reading his biography now) ... THAT is one sexy valentine. Thank you, you good, kind woman xox

  6. Nice room. Glad that Keef is still in your heart and is your other Valentine. I do miss SB.

  7. Oh how I love our SB! and I love the fact she sent you that picture; such an intimate shot.


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