Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Morning Does Indeed Come At The Right Time

Well it's cold again but it's clear and beautiful and in about an hour Owen will be here and so I really, really should be doing something productive like mopping a floor but here I sit, drinking coffee.
No! Get up! Mop the floor! Go find some sausage in that deep freeze in the garage which has a lid weighted down by an axe because it is coming apart, yellow insulation coming out from beneath the seal like a clown's wig. Go see if there's a head of cabbage in the garden worth cutting.
Get up and go look at that script again because obviously, last night when you woke up forty-two times and tried to remember it, you did not. Is it even possible to remember lines at 3:43 a.m. when the moon is full and insinuating itself into your bedroom like the silver voice of an uninvited alien Jehovah's Witness?

Not for me.

Not possible.

Okay. Time's up. Gotta pull up my big-girl panties and get this show on the road.

God, it's a beautiful morning. Hope it is where you are too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Pull those panties on girl~

    The moon was quite something lastnight wasn't it?

  2. it's been cold and overcast here for the last several days, no moon viewing for us last night.

  3. I'm not really fond of my big girl panties. They are more like old girl panties. The big girl panties look ridiculous these days.

    I admire you for being able to learn lines at all. That was something that always eluded me. I have a good memory but not for memorizing if that makes sense.

  4. Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee when I read, "...when the moon is full and insinuating itself in your bedroom like the silver voice of an uninvited alien Jehovah's Witness," because coffee would have been sprayed all over my desk and computer. I am still laughing! Your way of expressing life in general never ceasese to amaze me.

    Keep on truckin' :) :) :)

  5. Bah, it is cold and dark here too today. I am trying to figure out if the day has potential or should I just go read.
    I was just saying last night that I want a deep freeze.

  6. It IS beautiful here today, and I love that line about the full moon and the silver voice of the Jehovah's Witness -- stunning.

  7. It is a nice day here. And the moon is beautiful.


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