Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time For Bed

Ten o'clock and I am going to bed. Mr. Baby is coming over tomorrow morning before the rooster gets up. I am certain Mr. Baby will be bright-eyed. For awhile, at least, and then he'll settle back down for more sleep. I hope. He's fighting sleep these days with everything he has. He'll hit himself on the leg while I'm giving him his bottle to keep himself awake. Sometimes he even pinches himself. Too much to miss! That's his philosophy.

He's doing a new thing now, Owen is. He's got a new grin. It's a chin-tucking, full-on, full-face grin that says nothing more than, "I know how cute I am!"
Dang. He's right.
And every day he becomes more obsessed by the chickens. When he had to leave the other day he threw a major hissy fit because he wanted to hang out with Elvis some more. It was raining but neither the chickens nor Owen seemed to mind. He was hysterical with anger that he had been separated from his rooster! And Elvis seems to love Owen too. Or at least he seems to be fascinated by him. He walks right up to him and crows and Owen tucks his body into mine and shivers with delight and then imitates him.
Sometimes Elvis tries to get in the van with Owen when they're leaving. I swear. He does.
Some boys have dogs. Owen has a rooster.

Well. Time to go to bed. It's drizzling again. The dishes are washed, the coffee is set for five-thirty, Mr. Moon's lunch for tomorrow is ready in the refrigerator for him to take to work. His toe is just so much better. I am SO grateful. And Owen will be here before I know it.

Sleep tight, y'all. I mean it.


  1. I totally missed what happened to Mr Moon's toe.

    And about Owen having a rooster, I'm sure you can write a book about Elvis and Owen and it is sure to be a best seller.

    And have you made it to see the movie Babies, because that one scene with the rooster and the baby still plays out in my mind, except it's Owen and Elvis.

  2. I will sleep like a baby as I am tired tonight. But it's a good tired.

  3. I hope you are having good dreams and resting up for Mr. Baby and his Rooster Days of Summer.

  4. sweet dreams to you!

  5. i lurve your new page, you have a talent for pairing images with the perfect words.

    sweet dreams!

    veri word is supse, which is code for
    what's up?

  6. Hopefully, when you read this, it's a good morning and you've had a restful night.

    And, by the way, I love that color green on the blog. It's so alive --

  7. I think Rebecca is on to something. Time for a children's book!

    WV: inert. Me in a nutshell these days.

  8. i love the undulating owen. i love that you have taken me back to life when our bodies actually quivered with the excitement of it all.

    enough to sweep away our very hearts and have us crow uncontrollably back!

    cock a doodle doo!!!!!

  9. Rebecca- I have GOT to see that movie.

    Syd- I thought I would too but my hips screamed at me until two.

    Michele R- That WAS the plan.

    notjustafemme- I had a on-my-god-it's-christmas-eve-and-I-haven't-bought-one-present nightmare. It was bad.

    Maggie May- Supse with you, Little Mama?

    Elizabeth- Really? You like this color? I do too.

    Stephanie- I really want to do a children's book with May.

    rebecca- There's been a whole lot of crowing going on here today.

  10. SO GLAD Mr. Moon's toe is better.




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